Day 3: Daily diet sheet- hungry!

So here is every morsel of food consumed today as I struggle to return to a 100% ( 24/7) authentic 1940’s wartime diet based on rationing and trends of the time….. over Christmas and birthday, after having lost 35 lbs, I splurged and at times slipped back into some old eating habits as well as eating too much bread and potatoes and consequently my weight rose to 295lbs (on my home scales).

Weight loss to date is therefore 20 lbs (was 35 lbs) but I am back to strict rationing.. I will return to weighing in every Tuesday morning and record my progress as I strive to lose 100 lbs on a wartime ration diet.

I do so want to lose my weight- it makes me quite sad some days


Two slices of wholemeal toast with butter and spread with Marmite


Two big bowls of vegetable stew with a little grated cheese over both

Mid afternoon

Two slices of wholemeal bread, spread with margarine and Blackberry jam


2 cheese pancakes served with a generous portion of broccoli


3 welshcakes


Tea, water and nightime milky hot chocolate

NOTE: Full recipes for vegetable stew, cheese pancakes and welsh cakes coming soon… check back

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