I need your help….

facebookhealth I mentioned a little while back that I had finally got myself a full-time job. What with not being able to work in the latter part of my life in Canada and then moving back to the UK, it took two years. To say I am relieved is an understatement…

Just to make things EVEN better, the company that I work for PMS DIECASTING, LASER SCANNING, REVERSE ENGINEERING 3D & GO TOOLS, is wonderfully forward thinking, much like the newspaper I worked for in Canada.

My job is as a ‘Digital Media Coordinator’ and part of my role is creating & maintaining social media streams as well as updating websites.

My employer has given me the go ahead to run with a ‘workplace wellness’ page on Facebook. PMS Diecasting already supports its employees in a number of ways so I think this in addition is a wonderful thing.

You know me, loving food and recipes and always trying to get inspiration from others, I’d like to build a social community where people can share healthy recipes, encourage their employers to support workplace wellness, share their steps towards taking control of their health, being brave to take the first step…. become a ‘Health Hero’.

So we’ve called the page ‘Health Heroes 2015’… It will hopefully go live in a few days, at the moment I am busy adding recipes and content when I get a spare half hour in between other responsibilities here at work.

So I NEED your help… I wondered if you would be so kind as to sign up for ‘Health Heroes 2015’ by liking the page I have created?


Look forward to seeing you there and thank you!!!

C xxxx