Sunday morning update: Week 1 on WW2 Rations

I love Sunday mornings. I may live in a town but Sunday mornings seem quite peaceful. Christchurch bells are ringing and my garden backs on to the bushes surrounding the perimeter of Queens Park. Being a person who prefers rural life and solitude, not being boxed in by other houses at the bottom of my garden, really helps. I’m grateful.

I’m reflecting on the week past, my first week back to rationing. It wasn’t without it’s challenges.

  1. I found that weekdays, while doing my full-time job, food wise I’ve mostly had to reply on quick and easy to prepare lunches and dinners, so lots of lentil and vegetable stews, sandwiches, fried veggies on toast, mashed potato etc.
  2. I had an episode of severe vertigo, spent 1 day in bed and the next day working from home. The first day it was even difficult walking to the bathroom!
  3. I had to use my car to drive to work as I’m struggling with back pain carrying the extra weight

The positives of this week were:

  1. I enjoyed the stews and sandwiches and getting back to simple food and I’ve been baking this weekend too. I’m enjoying getting back to living on WW2 rations and spending less!
  2. I had an appointment with the nurse at my GP’s surgery. She took my weight and blood pressure and measurements, we had a lovely chat and I’m returning on February 10th to have some blood tests such as cholesterol and we’ll redo these later on in the year again to measure the improvement. I’ll be popping in every month for support and assistance.
  3. Other people are doing this rationing challenge too. I’m grateful for our Facebook group and for all the comments and support left on here and on my YouTube channel too! Most humans are decent, lovely people. Thank you xxxx
  4. At the end of the first week I’m feeling brighter already. What a difference a week makes.

So what have I eaten this week?

Breakfasts: Mostly porridge but I did have toast on two mornings

Lunch: Oslo Meals but also fried veggies on toast, beans on toast and some salads

Dinners: Lentil & Veggie Stews, Sausage and Mash, Mince Slices, Vegetable and Oatmeal Goulash, Mince and Potatoes, Butternut squash, cabbage, broccoli.

Others: Cox’s Apples.

So what have I spent on food this week?

It’s probably easier for me to post my shopping list below. I haven’t had to buy anything else in addition so in answer to the question, I have spent considerably less! In fact, my weekly grocery bill before was 3 times as much!

Much love, C xxxx

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4 thoughts on “Sunday morning update: Week 1 on WW2 Rations

  1. So great! Like you I’m feeling great at the end of this week, and spent waaaay less than expected. Luckily it’s summer here so feel like eating lighter.
    I must say C that I love the look of the mince slices, def on this weeks menu.

  2. I’m so glad you’re feeling better.

    I also am fascinated by the rationing era and often wonder how just a few generations later we seem to have tossed frugality and common sense completely out the window. Thanks for sharing your journey.

    I find that during the week it’s easier to stay on track with eating plans because I’m busy and have less access to food in general. I also find working on craft projects keeps my hands busy. During the forties, since many products would not be easily available or inexpensive, much time would have been naturally taken up with handwork.

    Have a great week!

  3. Oh it sounds like a week of challenges but also many positives. I really admire your courage and ability to look on the upside. Also as a Yank living without national health, I know the NHS is in crisis now, strikes too and long waits but I love that you have a nurse in your GPʻs office who is supporting you. I imagine she is thrilled to have such a hardworking, motivated patient! I will be joining you on this rations plan soon, more sustainable for the planet, too! 💜 Maggie

  4. well done, your doing much better than me. l did buy a small indoor greenhouse for all the veg/salad we plan on sowing February, Was £29 but ll claim my cashback iv been saving , to pay for it l think.l still want to have a no spend year if l can. l made a large pan-full of veg soup today as hubby been working in garden nd tonight’s tea will be hm meat pie from rest of stew we had yesterday. Does anyone know how much flour housewives could get during the war ? l do a lot of baking as hubby needs lots of carbs as he works a lot working on our ‘ victory garden’ and iv not put the flour l use on my ration list.

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