Ministry of Food Leaflet No. 2 Cheaper Cuts of Meat

I’m publishing a video and an original leaflet to download on my website every day leading up to Christmas. These are the original pages from the Ministry of Food No.2 Cheaper Cuts of Meat leaflet circa 1943 during WW2 and you will also find the original pamphlets as a PDF on the link below.


Ministry of Food WW2 Leaflets to download:

Free WW2 cook books to download:

200+ WW2 recipes index at:

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I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Sue, Celine, Lisa and Debbie who have supported the blog during this past month (I have sent you messages via PayPal). It just means the world to me for anyone who simply shares or links to my blog or YouTube channel, it keeps history alive! Your contributions, while unexpected, are very gratefully received and will be put towards the running of the blog and channels. Thank you, C xxxx

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