Good Fare in War Time Cook Book 1942 – Free Download

Good morning! It’s 6 am and before I’ve had my morning coffee I thought I MUST add this post and share with you a free download of a 1942 cook book issued by the Board of Education and published by H.M Stationary Office and sold for 3D.


My plans for the day are:

  1. Finish cleaning the kitchen (I did half of it yesterday, I’m just getting over Covid and still a bit exhausted)
  2. Never ending laundry!
  3. Scan in another pamphlet from my donated WW2 recipes collection from Newquay Zoo
  4. Make and film a 1945 Christmas Cake Recipe. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Have a wonderful day!

C xxxxx

9 thoughts on “Good Fare in War Time Cook Book 1942 – Free Download

  1. Thanks for posting this. Most have forgotten how to mend and make do. Without your site, this type of cooking will eventually be lost in history.

    Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  2. Many thanks for sharing this file! My son is studying WWII right now and this will be a great addition to his learning.

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