10 great 1940s ration book recipes to celebrate VE Day

Hi all, just thought I’d re-blog this page I put together last year on the lead up to VE Day. In May last year I wasn’t working so had lots of time on my hands to blog, create, garden, walk, read and essentially more time for self-care.

I hope everyone is well and is beginning to see the light through the trees. I know in the UK we certainly are beginning to feel that way.

I’ve been working from home since end of October but return to my office in 2 weeks time. The last 6 months especially have been a challenge as I’m sure it has been for everyone in many ways.

Please forgive my absence. Have kept in contact via social media now and again but really had to step back and not commit to saying I’ll do things as I’ve been struggling to fulfill my promises so literally have had to focus everything on keeping my job and these days I am exhausted and in bed around 8 pm!! (not asleep but snuggled under the duvet reading or watching tutorials on YouTube)

But despite these sporadic mental health anomolies, I’m happy and starting to go outside again and have a new interest in art which is really helping to relax me.

It’s stormy and beautiful outside this afternoon. Love hearing the wind in the trees.

Much love,

C xxxxx

3 thoughts on “10 great 1940s ration book recipes to celebrate VE Day

  1. Yup, life gets in the way of blogging. Good to read that things are beginning to look up. I had forgot about the parsnips/mock bananas.

  2. Hi Caroly,
    if there ever will be a time after the pandemic and we are free to travel again, maybe you are interrested in an event here in germany. There is a museeum near Hamburg wich hosts an event called “Gelebte Geschichte”. They are recreating the first few days after VE Day, if I may, here´s a link to the museeum: https://www.kiekeberg-museum.de/en/
    It will be canceled for 2021, but i´m sure it will take place in 2022. There are already Reenactors from GB there, you would fit perfectly!

    ( Sorry for the typos and the wrong grammar… 😉 )

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