1940s vintage style shoe giveaway!

Are you a size 7 shoe and love 1940’s style? I have a pair of brand-new, heeled Oxford brogue style grandma shoes I’d like to giveaway!

I bought the shoes in a size 8 but they come up at least a size small so rather than return them (I re-ordered a size 9 and they fit my size 8 feet perfectly!) I’d like to give them away to somebody.

I’d been looking for 1940’s style day shoes for quite some time and just couldn’t find any and the real vintage ones were either too small or too expensive for my budget. The lovely replica ones also beyond my budget. So when I saw these last week on Amazon, and quickly did some research to clarify if the style was something one could wear with a 40’s outfit, I immediately bought them. Yes, they are synthetic and won’t last like proper leather quality shoes but I think they are affordable and great for someone who wants to put together a budget outfit. I can’t wait to wear mine!

If you are interested in finding out more about the shoes check them out on the Amazon 1940sExperiment shop HERE (scroll down and click on ‘Vintage Style Clothing’, these shoes are the brown Bordeaux colour, so a burgundy brown)

This competition is open to ANYONE. However, if the winner is from outside the UK then all I ask is that you pay the postage (sorry I just can’t run to the more expensive overseas postage).

***All you have to do is leave a comment below and check back on Tuesday 21st April to see if you have won!***

Good luck!!

C xxx

54 thoughts on “1940s vintage style shoe giveaway!

  1. Oh gosh, they are lovely, and bring back happy memories of begging my Nana to let me borrow her size 4 … identical to these … shoes to wear around the house. She let me as long as I didn’t go out of the garden in them. They felt so grown up, so high heeled and so special. I was mortified when my feet grew too big to wear them any more ☹️. Why did my feet grow to size 7 and not stay small and dainty like my Nana’s ♥️

  2. Oh my what grand shoes and a fab idea! Keeping my fingers crosses for being in with a chance to win these!

  3. How generous. A lovely gesture. As Cinderella might say, my size exactly 😁 Hope you find the right size for yourself soon! Xx

  4. That’s really kind of you! These are gorgeous and perfect for us vegan vintage girls! Love your recipes and love your blog/website/Facebook page. Some really great ideas. Have a lovely evening and stay safe. X

  5. Lovely moment of pandemic positivity! These are beautiful shoes. I would feel very lucky to win them. My collection is tiny since my feet haven’t shrunk down post partum haha. At least there’s no where to go atm xx

  6. Love the shoes and would love to own them, but will you post to NZ ???

    My partner and I (I’m th cook and he’s the gardener, trained at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh – so not an amateur) has a few frugal tips for you for your Victory Garden.

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  7. Came here to find the pear crumble recipe again (going to make it for my parents and my sister) and was exited to see this post. I think it’s a very nice thing to do and would like to enter:)

  8. What a lovely gesture Carolyn, my size so I hope I am lucky. Thank you for the recipes, I made bread pudding the other day, it was just like my Grandma used to make!

  9. how generous of you. I would love a pair like that – I was just thinking the other day in my head that I wanted something in that style but didn’t have a clue where to look – at least now I can go to your shop and order some. And my daughter was asking to make bread pudding the other day, so I will be using your recipe to do that – thank you again!

  10. Oh my! These are gorgeous and just my size too. I love vintage looking shoes. Thanks for the opportunity to win them. 🙂 Stay safe!

  11. Carolyn what a wonderful thing to do. I love looking a t your page and the lovely recipes that you put on. Keep up with the good work. xxx

      • No worries Carolyn, I would have you post them to my brother in the UK & he would send them to me in the next ‘Red Cross’ parcel from home !!!

  12. Hello! Just found your blog, and I LOVE IT. Im going to try the veggie pasties today. My grandmother im told had a veggie patch and not much money. But my uncle would always bring friends home for lunch or dinner, she would just smile and go outside and pick a few more veggies to add to the soup or stew and happily share whatever she had. I have my patch outside too, and think of her often and how she lived. My mum always says how healthy she was as a kid and teenager, there was always potatoes, bread and butter and all the things we are told not to eat no days. But, after we imagrated to Australia from Scotland in the 80’s and food was cheaper (meat was a treat in scotland, and if you could afford a chicken it was usually for Christmas) she struggled with her weight. still small but got cellulite etc. We have gone back to eating like we did in the UK. Simple food, lots of veg. Feeling so much better. Sometimes to go forward we have to go back. Just love your blog.

  13. What gorgeous shoes, and I love the colour! It’s a very generous thing to do, and I selfishly hope I benefit from it 🙂 And I am enjoying your ‘normal’ posts too, perfect for the times.

    • Draw taking place early this morning. I have to type up every single name to put in a random online selector and film it. Doing it with my coffee in bed right now xxx

  14. Those are some pretty shoes. i’d love to win them, but I’m in Canada so I’m not sure if I qualify or not. If shipping costs are not too much, I could pay it or we could split it somehow…if I win 🙂 Thanks for letting me try. Love all your posts regardless 🙂

  15. Reblogged this on The 1940's Experiment and commented:

    And the winner is… GLENNERSGIRL


    I added all the peoples names who had left comments under my blog post into an online random name selector wheel of fortune thingy and videoed it.

    Thanks for taking the time to enter!

  16. Hi Carolyn
    Seeing the photograph of your shoes brought back a few memories for me. In the late 60’s this style was revived (again) mainly in bright colours, we called them granny shoes. When I was 13 I was permitted to shop (without supervision) for new shoes for school. I was not popular when I arrived home with a pair just like yours – in bright purple suede !

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