FREE 1939 War-Time Cookbook to Download NOW!

Hi all,

I came across this scanned wartime cookbook again. All the pages were originally on their sides which made it difficult to read so I’ve managed to rotate every page to make them readable and thought you might like to download it as there are some great historical recipes, the delightful thing is there are handwritten notes on some of the pages.



C xxxx

The original scanned cookbook came from this blog here

13 thoughts on “FREE 1939 War-Time Cookbook to Download NOW!

  1. Oh, thank you for that, it looks interesting. I can’t say that I fancy ‘Sheep’s Head Mould’ though! I will never forget the revolting smell when my Grandad coked a sheep’s head for his dog, nothing could induce me to try eating one, that’s for sure!


  2. Thank you so much for this. ps: You’re Awesome ‘and’ beautiful! been following you here and on Facebook for a few years now, recently found you on instagram too. love.


  3. Oh my goodness, I literally just did a post on my blog, featuring a recipe from this cookbook.
    I made the Salmon Cutlets and the Stinging Nettle Puree (pg.38).
    I recommend both.
    It was my first foray into 40s cooking.
    It was a fun experiment.


  4. Oh my goodness, I literally just did a post for my blog, on the Salmon Cutlets, from this cookbook.
    They turned out pretty good. Though, my two thick spatula tore up a few. So, I switched to using forks to turn them.
    I also tried my hand at the Stinging Nettle Puree, on page 38. I recommend both.


  5. Thank you for this! I love recipe books with scrawled annotations. It makes the reader know what went right or wrong with the recipe. My favorite annotation was in a cookbook my mum gave me. Next to a complicated recipe for tomato soup was the script “Ghastly! Open a tin of Campbell’s instead!”. Saved me an afternoon in the kitchen followed by a bowl of disappointment.


  6. Another nice piece of buried history, gpcox! Us spoiled folk of this time have no true idea of food shortages. Today, food shortages are idiot-made via hoarding stuff for when aliens come here (They have, imo.). Back then, for jolly England, their shortages in EVERYTHING was due to Nazi wolfpacks, ombing of London and destruction.

    The US endured some shortages/rationing but it paled in comparison to nearly most of the world. This “quarantine” (for lack of a better descriptive) has only been in effect for a couple of weeks where I live. Imagine scrambling into subways to seek shelter for months…


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