A day in photos…

Thank you for all your comments and support yesterday. I’m feeling much more positive today and will continue to record my positive things by taking snap shots of my day, I find this helpful. I like to post these things on Instagram @fightingmyobesity

The positive things I worked on yesterday was my food (and successfully ate well and didn’t binge) and my financial planning.

If you are landing on my blog for the first time then I’m trying to overcome my obesity (at my heaviest I was 350 lbs and I’m now 299 lbs but managed to get down to about 225 lbs several years ago) and to pay off old debt and build a financial emergency fund. I live frugally (always have done) and my interest is life on the home front during WW2 rationing and I love re-creating recipes in my spare time. Finally at 52, as a single person, I’m trying to put everything right….

C xxx


8 thoughts on “A day in photos…

  1. It’s a hard thing to realize that you fell back to where you didn’t want to be. For me, it was realizing that I looked old – and realizing that it was because I was eating so much bad for me foods. (also, catching myself in the mirror naked didn’t help, either). I have to pick up a couple of things at the grocery today, but they’re mainly veg and fruits for the next week, and we’re going to walk there instead of driving. I know that if you can lose the weight, so can I.

    Good on you with your budget and sticking to it, though!


  2. I wish we could all do this ration diet together to encourage each other and provide moral support, too. Have you ever thought about creating a face book group for a project like this?


  3. I’ve popped into your blog from time to time but after yesterday’s post I decided to go back a few years and do a more in-depth read. You have certainly had a lot on your plate over these years and you have done some amazing things – like the marathons!
    I believe that you are vegetarian but not sure if you are Vegan. I’m just asking as I know that a lack of protein really sends me on a binge eat! I also struggle with my weight – both losing it and keeping it off so believe me I sympathize. Having read through your wonderful recipes I just wonder if perhaps eating a bit more protein might help. I’m certainly not a doctor – I’m just speaking from experience so feel free to disregard. Carbs are my downfall so that is where I need to exercise more control – but I’m lucky in that I do love veg & fruit so eating those is no hardship. I just find that I need lots of protein to keep my energy levels up and to keep from feeling hungry or deprived. I don’t eat as much meat as I used to and certainly incorporate a lot of vegetarian meals but I do eat a lot of eggs, cheese and fish/seafood and limit red meat to once or twice a week. Just wondered if you had ever discussed this with your doctor or nutritionist. Good luck with everything – I will follow your progress and try to learn from you in order to get back to losing some more of my excess baggage.


  4. Hi Carolyn. I was sorry to hear you were so down recently but as a 60 yr old with a life long battle with my weight I can assure you that for all of the downs there are as many ups. So don’t despair, you will get there. As with all things we are not all made the same and each of our journeys are different but you will get there. After all women can do anything can’t we girls? Best wishes Sue from Australia.


  5. You’re doing really well, Carolyn! You took the first step and you’re on your way. Good luck and keep going, the only person who’s opinion that matters is yours.


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