Poppy Fundraiser for Team Legion


So as a London Marathon Charity Runner for ‘The Royal British Legion’ I have committed to raise £2000 by April 2017.

To achieve this I’ve got to think of ways to get to this goal so I can do my bit for this excellent charity. I now have my main fundraiser 80% planned (taking part next year) which I am incredibly excited about and which I will have all the details of the event on my website in a few weeks.

13516644_1756323724611743_1758006240145534818_nLast night I was walking on the treadmills with my gym buddy ‘Bertie Beattie’. Bertie is an incredibly passionate and talented glass artist and as we got sweaty and giggly (as one tends to do at the gym when you are having bizarre conversations at 5.5 km an hour on an incline) Bert tells me she has made some glass poppy brooches and she’d be happy to donate half her profit (20%).

I thought this incredibly generous…

So Bertie is busy making poppies and I’d love it if you would support independent artists and ‘Team Legion’ by purchasing a red glass poppy. The poppy brooch measures about 30 mm across but will vary as all are handmade.

You would be dealing with ‘Bertie’ directly and please use one of the LINKS below to place your order. Remember £2 of each poppy goes to ‘The Royal British Legion’ via my London Marathon Fundraising page.


CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE 1 GLASS POPPY + Worldwide Postage and Packing via PAY PAL

Thank you so much!

C xxx


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