7 Day Wartime Food Diary – Day 6


It’s been a really good day..

I’ve not worried or stressed about too much and went for a lovely brisk walk in the sunshine this morning for an hour at our local recreation ground. A walk makes you feel wonderful when it’s a glorious day!

Did some grocery shopping, a little housework, read a little and re-created a wartime recipe for ‘Savoury Meat Pie’ (I of course used the remaining half of my FAKE meat ration!). I made it from a little book I picked up from Nottingham Tourist Centre called ‘Favourite Ration Book Recipes’ and cost just £1.99! I’ll post the recipe later!

This afternoon I did a short session in the gym on the cross-trainer followed by another brisk walk at 6.2 kmh on a 1% incline and a two minute jog at 7.5 kmh. I’m too heavy for jogging, I’m not ready for that yet but give me another 30 lbs or so off and I’d like to train to jog a 5K. I think that will be my next goal for next spring!

Food wise, it’s been another GREAT day! Two days until weigh in!


Breakfast: Leftovers from yesterday’s Lentil & Marrow stew (300 cals – 20 g protein)
Lunch: 2 slices of Irish Soda Bread with margarine, young spinach leaves with raw mushroom, spring onions and tomato served with chutney (400 cals – 12 g protein)
Snacks: A oat cookie my daughter made (same as yesterday), fruit and a handful of raw nuts (400 cals – protein 5 g)
Dinner: 1/3rd of a large savoury meat pie (quorn) served with sprouts, mushrooms and gravy (600 cals – 20 g of protein)

TOTAL CALORIES 1700 ish – Protein 57 g ish


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