7 Day Food Diary – Day 5, Great Food Day, All Under Control!


Food wise things have been great today! I’ve eaten healthily and plenty too so I hope the scales will show this when I weigh again on Tuesday for my 7 day weigh in. Am still aiming for a 5 lb off but will have to seriously increase my exercise to achieve this. Each and every lb off will help a lot when we walk the Marathon!


Breakfast: Organic rolled oats with several prunes and soy milk (400 cals – 13 g protein)
Lunch: 2 slices of Irish Soda Bread with margarine, young spinach leaves with raw cucumber, spring onions and tomato served with chutney (400 cals – 12 g protein)
Snacks: A oat cookie my daughter made, a handful of raw nuts (350 cals – protein 3 g)
Dinner: Large lentil & marrow stew with leeks, peas, leafy green cabbage, mushrooms, herbs and spices served with potato and carrot mash (600 cals – 25 g of protein)

TOTAL CALORIES 1750 ish – Protein 53 g ish

I may have an apple tonight too!


4 thoughts on “7 Day Food Diary – Day 5, Great Food Day, All Under Control!

  1. It all looks delicious! Isn’t it great how many veges you can eat for so few calories; it’s so obvious and yet people still spend a fortune on the chemical swill of meal replacements…

    • Ooo they do indeed!! I love it that if one eats properly, and eats lots of fruit and veg (in addition to the good fats we need etc)- one can seemingly eat in adundance!

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