Food diary- taking a photo of every meal


I’ve started taking a picture of every meal I eat so I can keep a visual diary of what goes in my mouth on a daily basis. This morning I had a large bowl of porridge oats sweetened with a blob of summer berry jam and cherries.


For lunch I had an Oslo Meal with a spinach leaf sandwich (bread spread with margarine) with cucumber and carrot slices, cherries and an apple on the side and a cup of soya milk.


For dinner I had peas and mushrooms and two fried potato and swede cakes. And later this evening I had a slice of bread, margarine and jam

Sometimes taking photos just helps..


10 thoughts on “Food diary- taking a photo of every meal

  1. Great idea!! I’ve written my meals down before but I’m so much more of a visual person so seeing what I’m eating would be better!

    By the way, all your meals look delicious!


  2. That’s an inspired idea Carolyn…it makes it much easier to relate to pictures and see how you put a days rations together to form meals that look so delicious…be great to take along to any talks you give/pop ups etc as a visual diary of what you could do with the rations for a week…brilliant xx


  3. I love the picture diary idea. It’s an incentive to make the plate and presentation a bit more special than you might otherwise. Your food looks really appetising.


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