Busy bee

I’ll be doing an update post real soon… I’m reading, just not enough time to be writing. I’m wanting to get the old house all cleared and cleaned and handed back over early next week so that’s where I am most days right now…

The move is looming and I’m basically living off big salads, baked potatoes, kidney beans, toast and porridge oats… I take a big bowl of kidney bean salad with me everywhere!

I’ve relented once or twice and had chips (fries) but have now said NO.

I’m loving reading the comments…. died and gone to heaven with all the talk of food and frugality!!!!

C xxxxx

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  1. I’ve been thinking about you, guessed you must be cleaning & sorting like a mad woman! We lived in Spain for 3 years and I I still remember the panicky, crazy time just before we left! I did a hell of a lot of car boot sales to sell the clutter! I shall be doing it again soon…
    I suspect the weight will fall off you during all of this, I hope all goes to plan and the kids don’t get too upset.
    I’m not going to weigh myself officially until I feel slimmer, I know what I’m like I will get obsessed…
    Breakfast-tea & toast
    Lunch-little bit of leftover curry & rice
    The weather here is pretty hot right now so salads are spot on!

  2. You are in my thoughts here too!
    I am trying some of your recipes but I am just cooking for one here.
    All the best with your move!

  3. Confession time…I went out for actual alcoholic drinks with some girl friends for the first time in probably 18 years! I had 3 – yes, 3! cocktails & as I was expecting some food I hadn’t eaten… there was no food!
    Thankfully I didn’t embarrass myself at all but goodness me the big slice of whole meal bread & marg hit the spot when I got home.
    Now I remember why I don’t usually drink alcohol, however I know people did during the War so I don’t feel too bad…apart from the woozy headachy slightly hungover feeling that is!
    Today I shall be eating…
    Breakfast-my bacon and my egg with a slice of bread fried in the dripping! Ahhh, I fancy that!
    Lunch-salad probably
    Dinner-I shall see what the butcher has on special as I haven’t had much of my meat ration this week. Lovely new potatoes and veg. I may just have some meaty gravy from the freezer and keep the meat for tomorrow(Sunday)
    My parents are in Italy visiting one of my brothers & family at the moment so I’ve put the Union Jack bunting up in the beach hut for when they return! As long it doesn’t give them too much of a shock when they open the door!
    My 10 year old wants to make rock buns again tomorrow and I haven’t used my dried fruit ration for weeks so afternoon tea will be good. She hasn’t had any eggs this week so even though she’s not really on rations I think I can put egg in the rock cakes with clear conscience.
    Thinking of you all, especially you Carolyn!
    🙂 xxx

    • Absolutely, along with pregnesia and mumnesia (my current affliction)! How was the hang over? Lol

      • Yes I suffer from Mumnesia-thrice! Actually the hangover hasn’t been too bad at all. My ‘fry up’ breakfast really helped.
        I’m finding that I’m slipping into my childhood eating patterns in that I eat my meals with no second helpings and no snacks. It helps that the weather here is really hot so I have been outside a lot. Also, homemade whole meal bread is so filling!

  4. I don’t envy the packing up Carolyn! I remember watching the packers as a child when we moved back to England. My mother had amassed so much china that it took one chap 2 full days non stop!

    I cooked the beef and prune hotpot with a bit of braising steak – heaven on a plate. I had also frozen the chocolate oatcakes uncooked as a log. Next time I will open freeze individual cookies so the I can pull out a few at a time to bake – safer for my waistline. My daughter loves these because they are not too sweet.

    Today I am totally off piste as there is a bit of family celebration and I’ve been begged to cook steak, roast veg, buttermilk onion rings and garlic butter. I will be back to 1940s tomorrow.

    Interestingly all the talk in the family about this experiment at a family lunch last week has really sparked my nephew up. He ended up asked his grandparents what it was like to be a child during the war. He put together 12 questions with my husbands help and then wrote down the answers. Beating in mind he has ADD and, I suspect dyslexia, this was amazing. I was really proud of him.

  5. Hang in there Carolyn it’s almost over. I always dread moving, did it last year. I can’t imagine the stress it would cause to be moving to another country. We’re all thinking about you and hoping it all goes smoothly from here on out.

    Here’s a little something I thought I would share. It made me giggle and I thought about all the people that are trying to do the rationing thing.
    I was watching an old movie which starred Arthur Askey…Love him!!! It was called “I Thank You”. In it Arthur poses as a cook for a wealthy family, but he doesn’t know how to cook. His side-kick, (I don’t know the actors name but he starred in other movies with Arthur.) suggest looking through a cook book. It was amusing watching them trying to find a recipe they could use without breaking the rationing rules. Arthur kept tearing the pages of the recipe book out with each one. Before long they had a pile of rejected pages on the floor and nothing left but the cover. I thought it was priceless.

  6. Hope the packing and cleaning is going well Carolyn, I remember packing up the last time, how hectic it was, We are all rooting for you. Haven’t weighed in a while, don’t need too many excuses for that! It’s cold and wet today, so . . .

    Breakfast porridge
    Lunch soup
    Dinner a little lamb chop, new potatoes and veg.

    I made some condensed mint sauce from the garden, just finely chop the tender top leaves and put in a glass jar, top up with brown vinegar and close with a pickle proof lid. I use old chutney jars, this will keep and keep. To use, take a couple of teaspoons full and place in a small jug with a small teaspoon sugar and dilute with extra vinegar. Mine kept all winter!

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