Mock Marzipan No 100


I’ve just made mock marzipan for my eggless wartime Christmas cake..

The recipe called for soya flour but I couldn’t justify the expense of buying that when I had bags of organic flour in my cupboard so even though the Ministry of Food recipe  specifies soya flour, I used plain flour ( actually used white) and you know what, it came out great and readily admit to scoffing down what was left of the mock marzipan dough, lump by lump.

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It was a little crumbly when I came to lift it from the table to the top of the cake, but the liberal layer of yellow plum jam (which I bought at the school bake sale the other day) made sure it stuck firm and it was easy to patch the splits up and use the rolling pin over the top again to smooth it.

Soon it will be time to ice my cake too!!

Mock Marzipan

  • 4 oz/ 1 cup/ 115 grams of soya flour (plain flour is fine)
  • 4 oz / 1/2 cup/ 115 grams sugar
  • 2 0z margarine/ 1/4 cup/ 58 grams margarine
  • 2-3 teaspoons of almond essence
  • 2 tablespoons of water


  1. Melt margarine in the water
  2. Add essence and sugar and stir
  3. Add flour and mix in bit by bit and then turn out onto a floured board and knead well
  4. Roll out and cut to shape of top of cake using the tin to use knife to cut around
  5. Smear top of cake with jam of your choice
  6. Cover with marzipan
  7. Cake can then be iced

FUN NEWS!! The eggless Christmas cake recipe on my blog is being used in a TV show in the UK on December 10 called “Come Dine with Me”…

ITV Studios contacted me asking permission to use it. The recipe itself, that I used, was an authentic  Ministry of Food wartime recipe which I had tweaked. They are also going to use a mock icing…

I’ll make sure my completed fully iced “Eggless Wartime Christmas Cake” is up on the blog to coincide with the showing. Will be curious to see the program as I am wondering whether there is going to be a wartime themed dinner party… LOL!!!!

C xxxxxxx

7 thoughts on “Mock Marzipan No 100

  1. Excellent!! Such exciting news 🙂 Making this recipe this weekend. What is the time frame for your cake. You said it will soon be time to ice it. When did you first make it, and did you soak it as well? How will you store it to keep the marzipan from hardening too much?

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  3. I had the same trouble when I made it. Tips: have the cake glued up and ready. Quickly roll out the topping while still hot and slap on the cake quickly as you can. This minimises cracking etc.

  4. This mock marzipan was the actual recipe my Mum used for our Christmas cakes for many years. I thought it WAS marzipan until I tasted the real thing. Her recipes were often taken from a wartime comic strip in a daily paper about a young housewife called Patsy who hadn’t a clue about cooking. Recipes like ‘Stuffed Swede’ and ‘Brawn’ from a pig’s head were part of my early childhood. I was as thin as a rake in those days!

  5. would just worry a little about the “uncooked” flour ingredients – not sure about the soya flour, but harmful bacteria may still be present in the unheated wheat flour ingredients due to possible contamination at the mill if you use wheat flour which isn’t processed as safely as oats before its packaged. I would probably use rolled instant oats ground into a fine flour as a safer substitute for the uncooked mock marzipan ingredient. It’s also quite “heart healthy”

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