The wartime spirit..

Obviously I have no real clue what the wartime spirit was really like.. From what I have heard, the majority of people, communicated more, looked out for each other, rallied around and did the best they could given the circumstances of their lives.

During these times of need, often, care packages came from far and distance lands to help friends and relatives out wherever possible and many families delighted in receiving occasional special goodies and practical gifts from friends in countries less impacted by the war and rationing. These were gratefully received and much appreciated…

It seems the “wartime spirit” has reached our household and many kindnesses have been shown to my family and I during these difficult times. I don’t accept help easily, I’m rather independent and proud BUT I really do need to recognize the capacity for kindness of the human heart, it has simply blown me away.

Funny how the global media portrays many of the negatives of the world we live in, making us afraid, when infact there are many positive things to be grateful for too..

Yesterday, a HUGE care package arrived at my house. it contained 24 balls of yarn, crochet hooks, a circular knitting loom, tea, raisins, a huge bag of nuts, other dried fruit, some oranges (yay!!!), fairtrade chocolate and cocoa and other fabulous treats for the children and I to enjoy at Christmas.. this from a friend whom I’ve never met. As my eldest daughter, Jess and I laid everything out on the table, she humbly exclaimed “Mum, you have some amazing friends…”

I’d also like to take the opportunity to show appreciation for the help and support from friends and family, my brother who helped me out when my car died by supporting me with a rental while I got money together to buy a replacement car, my Mum and Dad, a colleague from my old job, and blog/Facebook friends who sent me a wartime recipe book, grocery gift card and some beautiful ribbons.

Other kindnesses have been bestowed in other ways too with some forthcoming simple web design projects coming in from the UK and the US through my blog and I thank you for providing me with a more positive horizon.

So today’s blog post is about how grateful I am to feel truly cared for and these kindnesses I will pay forward as soon as I am able..

Thank you


C xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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  1. Remember, you have given so much too. You are still inspiring me. Sidenote – is there a more optimistic sight than new wool waiting to be knitted?

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