General update on recipes, weight loss and making do…

First let me say thank you once again for the fantastic comments left on the blog and for the e-mails received. I have read them all and WILL get around to responding as all of them warrant a full and proper reply. Am still trying to cope with a HECTIC schedule (thank goodness I do not have a job!) of urgent paperwork (and there is reams of it), personal issues and just trying to damn well make a living! I am writing this taking a break from some paid article writing that has come to me from the UK.

I recently have been reading, researching and worrying about global food shortages, as much as I hate to see this because it will be those in current poverty or social strife that will end up suffering the most, I am also encouraged to see that finally those that have smirked at the mention of global warming and climate change, are taking it a little more seriously. Whether or not we can do anything about it, we have to now realize that there will be a significant impact environmentally, socially and economically and we all have to step up and take some responsibility to lessen the depth of the hole we are digging for others (and ourselves) with our rampant consumerism and wastefulness…

While I’m not for one minute suggesting we should all return to a world of food rationing, I DO sincerely believe we can use rationing as a guideline to be less wasteful in all aspects of our lives. I am finding the 1940s Experiment to be my focus as I struggle with making do…

On that note, I have now re-created 98 wartime recipes and you’ll love the final two coming up based on VE Day celebrations so those will come to you in the near future..


I haven’t exercised, apart from a few walks, for the past few weeks because of dealing with so many other things but I am determined to continue on as soon as I can and repeat my Couch to 5K program (jogging) from scratch NOT using a treadmill, I yearn to run, I love that feeling. 

Despite not exercising my weight is dropping slowly and I am making a new goal of FINALLY getting to 199lbs (100 lbs off since October 2011) on a Christmas Eve weigh in… I need a goal and I think that is a tough but realistic one. This would be my best Christmas present ever..

Well my tea break is over, I’d better return to my article writing.

Thank you

C xxxxxxxxx

5 thoughts on “General update on recipes, weight loss and making do…

  1. Excellent job thus far! You’ve almost hit your targets– good work! I don’t know what you’re dealing with but I wish you the best of luck in doing so and please remember that you’re a wonderful woman and whatever it is you WILL get through it.

  2. Well done for staying on track to your 199lb goal. It is hard to stay focused when there are other pressures and it’s easy to put your health at the bottom of the list! You will reach your goal and meet your other challenges too – good luck.

  3. Good luck with the new target, Carolyn. And thanks for staying in touch with all of us even though you are so pre-occupied at the moment. Well done! I’m afraid my friendships are the first things to go out the window when I have other pressures on me.

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