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I’ve been noticing more and more visits to the blog coming from other 1940s themed websites or people re-creating wartime recipes and trying them out (yay!!).. I’d love to start linking to these websites from the right hand column of my blog!

If you have a 1940s WW2 themed website or are taking part in any sort of WW2 ration challenge or have a section of your website or blog that talks about WW2, rationing, the home front or anything interesting pertaining to WW2 (from anywhere in the world) PLEASE leave your website details below or e-mail them to me at 1940sexperiment@gmail.com 

Thank you!!!

C xxxxx

5 thoughts on “1940s websites

  1. Hi there Carolyn
    My son and I do a blog at http://www.nelliebswartimerationing.blogspot.com
    We have been rationing since boxing day 2011.
    I home school my son and he is really into studying about WWII and life in the 40’s. Both of us contribute to the blog, at the moment he is doing a series of blogs called “WWII Aircraft of the Day”.
    Your blog was one of the first that we looked at to get information about rationing. Well done on sticking to rationing for a year and congratulations on the weightloss. Remember that muscle weighs more than fat and you have been adding muscle mass with all your exercise.
    All the best
    Nellie and Salem

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to compile the websites. I often click on people’s names to follow the links to wonderful 1940s sites. It will be nice to have one spot to go to access all of them!

  3. Hiya,
    My Husband and I run a website http://rationingrevisited.com/ and have been rationing since the end of last year (moved from blog to website in January this year).
    We involved our three young children and eat our meals according to the rations a family of our size would have received during WW2… with a fairly good level of success… obviously some foods are received better than others.
    We’re enjoying the project, the savings we make by eating this way and the health benefits (I’ve lost 32lbs since April this year), and are constantly looking for new ways to promote this way of living.
    Like Nellie yours were the first site we found when researching rationing and have been a constant source of inspiration as well as recipe ideas.

    Thank you
    Mr and Mrs C

  4. Nostalgia for the 40s seems to be going global in a big way! Each day, it seems that one finds more and more websites/blogs devoted to it. I think that especially in the UK, those years were the one decade where each and every citizen mattered,no matter how rich or poor, male or female, black or white, and I think it’s this camaraderie that people miss.

    At any rate, I have a link that will be of some interest to you. Someone posted the entire pamplet “Dig for Victory” online as a free e-book.


    By the way, Ms. Ekins, you seem to getting prettier every day. I mean that with no disrespect.

  5. I’ve started a blog earlier this week after being inspired by you and the Wartime Farm programme It’s called We’ll Eat Again and the url is http://1940slifestyle.blogspot.co.uk/ it’s very early days and I’m still doing my research and sorting out my cupboards and freezer ready for the experiment. I enjoy reading your blog and I must say you’re totally inspirational 🙂 I’m in the UK.

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