Paying it forward

In past months my life has been changing and things have moved on. Now I rely on myself to support my children and I, and although I don’t like deviating from the 1940s Experiment theme, I do have to try and earn a living and after all the years of blogging I hope you’ll forgive me this indulgence..

PIF Design- Paying It Forward

PIF design – paying it forward. Ethical design, marketing and mentoring for individuals, small businesses and organizations. Hourly rate £15 or $25 USD and pro-bono for those who really need it…(sorry no services to Canada at this time)


To enable an idea and grow it…


Passionate about helping others achieve a successful web presence and market it. Hourly rate £15 or $25 USD. Pro-bono work for good causes or those in financial or social difficulty.. (sorry no services to Canada at this time)

I love to provide simple and affordable web sites for people/groups/small businesses and provide mentoring or tuition…

Please leave me a message if you are interested in using my services for web design, mentoring, advice, tutoring, web banner design, social media set ups, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc

Did I mention I accept other forms of currency ? Food, soap, clothing… anything that is useful to me.

Work is sporadic and therefore when I have no work coming in I’d love to use that time to help others restricted economically or socially  to achieve an idea digitally. Maybe you just need someone to give you a chance? We all deserve that…

All I ask, if I help you out, that you help someone else out in return when you can..

Please e-mail me:

Please LIKE my Facebook page:

Thank you for supporting me

C xxxxxx



3 thoughts on “Paying it forward

  1. Is this something you do all the time? I don’t have the funds at the moment, but I’m hoping that if any of the books my agent has out sell, I might need a web site designed. 🙂


  2. Sorry Caroline The two rather strange comments need to be deleted..I could not leave a comment as I was being asked for my log in details which I have never done before..then it would not accept the password. As you can see I have very little technical and computer know how and could do with a little help at some poinf from you. I have also struggled financially and know how hard and energy sapping it can be but I have learnt ways to get some different income streams which may help you. I will send you a e-mail with some information that might help. Best wishes Rosemary x


    • Thank you Rosemary- that would be appreciated! I am currently trying to do a bit of web work, working on putting together my first Kindle recipe book thanks to the help of a friend and of course trying to get to grips with writing the 1940s Experiment main book. I’ve worked out that to get by while supporting the kids (the older ones cannot work either due to visa restrictions) I need to clear $400 a week. This covers my daughters meds, our foods, fuel for car, house and car insurance, house etc, we now have no health coverage so none of us better get sick!

      C xxxx


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