Weigh in- 5 lbs off!

Heaviest weight: 345 lb
Re-started 1940s Experiment Oct 1: 299 lb
Last week: 240 lb
Today: 235 lb
Weight loss this week: 5 lb

Despite having women’s-problems-of-the-most-severe-nature, this morning, you can’t stop me from smiling…. This week, I’ve eaten healthily and well, never felt hungry, found out I can jog a little AND lost 5 lbs.

Even better news for me is that yesterday, despite rushing around Wal-Mart in haste, after work, doing some shopping, I stopped briefly, for a moment, to get my blood pressure taken and it came in as normal with a nice low pulse rate too!

And then I bought my very first pedometer.. just $8 but a good investment and will help me keep track of things to enter into a new app I am running on my computer and iPod called “Runkeeper”

When I think back to this time last year, when I walked I broke into a sweat, crushing lower back pain whenever I walked, headaches, really bad knee joint pain, inability to breathe easily when laying down, and just generally depressed and tearful I KNOW I’ll never return to that.

NOW I think I realize that to get what you want in life you have to want it more than anything and be prepared to make sacrifices and work hard to achieve it. FINALLY I am in control of something in my life and it feels good…

C xxxx

GOAL by October 1st, 2012:  Live for one year using wartime food rations- 100 wartime recipes re-created- lose 100 lbs of fat

To date: 64 lb lost- 74 wartime recipes re-created

9 thoughts on “Weigh in- 5 lbs off!

  1. Thanks Ang, Lisa and Kees xxxx

    It feels good to be on the move again and that was simply because I ate a little less food and started exercising once more! Gotta put the hard work in I guess!!

    Kees, I’m well impressed with the cycling KMS you are achieving on Runkeeper! I’m like looking at that and going gahhhhhhhhh !!!

  2. Awesome! Don’t ever forget how it felt when you were larger – remembering all the things I couldn’t do (or wouldn’t do) when I weighed 73 pounds more than I do right now has helped me keep the weight off. I don’t ever want to go back there again! You are doing great!

  3. Thank you Julia, Tabitha and Moira!!!! Appreciate you leaving a supportive comment 🙂 PS Well done Tabitha and I TOTALLY agree with you!! C xxx

  4. Your doing great. Keep your eyes on that prize. I’m looking forward to be able to wear smaller sized clothes.

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