Fruit shortcake sadism

I’m not a sadist…

I’m not purposely leaving this image up without the accompanying recipe to cause you pain. Or maybe I am…?

Actually, in my haste, I forgot to bring the recipe with me to add to my blog…it’s at home. I’ll promise to add this in later…

How much later is anyone’s guess because tonight it’s “RELAY FOR LIFE”.. !!!

Yes! Thanks to following a 1940s ration diet as a guideline and forcing myself to start walking, I’ve shifted enough weight to be able to participate. It means I can join some of my work colleagues and walk through the night, in a relay, with hundreds of others, to raise awareness and honour those people who have fought and are fighting cancer.

THANK YOU for all the donations… I have raised $950, thanks to you, and seeing my target was $500 this is just amazing. The Canadian Cancer Society thanks you!

If you would like to donate a dollar for cancer you are most welcome to do so through my fundraising page – CLICK HERE!

Hugs and kisses  C xxxxx

10 thoughts on “Fruit shortcake sadism

  1. C,
    I am proud of you for what you have been able to gain while losing. I am putting it out there for you and any one who has a good suggestion. I have lost part of the ability to use my left leg due to injury and have been told to limit my walking, eliminate martial arts stick to a staionalry bike… I have options of course but with money tight I’m feeling a bit cornered… any helpful thoughts

  2. Can you please share this recipe, either on here, or by email? I am doing a unit on rationing with my students and we are going to cook a few items. This looks yummy!

  3. Shortcake Recipe
    (I suspect this may be a Be-Ro recipe)
    1 lb plain flour
    8 oz sugar
    6 oz butter
    1 egg
    Warm the butter then beat in the egg, sugar then flour to make a dough. Roll out to about 1” thickness and use a plate to cut a round, place on a baking sheet and bake at 150°c for about 45 minutes. Remove the tray from the oven and place on a rack till cold. If you move the shortcake from the tray before it is cold it will break.

    For smaller biscuit sized shortcakes cut out with a biscuit cutter, arrange on a baking tray then bake 150°c for about 20 minutes.
    Remove the tray from the oven and place on a rack till cold. If you move the shortcakes from the tray before they are cold they will break.

    Decorate as desired.

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