Vegan potluck, non-1940s food and 2 lb off

I’m sorry I have been so quiet.. I’ve been moving forward after a 16 month long distance relationship came to an end a month or so ago. It was difficult.

BUT I’m ABSOLUTELY in a happy place now. It’s like a weight has been lifted… This past week or so has brought fun back into my life in many ways.

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First I visited the city with some friends to listen to keynote speaker “Sir Ken Robinson” who is absolutely my hero. If ever I decided to fall asleep with a voice in my head, feeding my brain subliminally with information, it would be Sir Ken’s… Being a country gal, a visit to the city was really exciting and I enjoyed everything about the day including my first experience of Metro Transit!

Secondly, we had a vegan potluck at work. The food was AMAZING! Curries, Tunisian stew, blackberry muffins, salads, pasta, hummus, soup, pitta breads, pizza, roasted vegetables, fruit, stir-fry, pickled mushrooms, and even a chocolate mousse made from avocado!!! I allowed myself a day off from eating 1940s to participate.

Finally I made another trip to the city for an appointment and met up with another friend for lunch. It was the first cafe I had been to in the city so once again it was a big adventure for me. Such fun getting out and about and enjoying great company! The time flew by and before I knew it my 2 hour parking ticket had expired!

In addition to this the girls and I have enjoyed some time together, I even bought us all a dairy free vegan ice-cream for a treat..

Oh and did I mention that I went out to lunch again the other day and enjoyed a spinach salad at the Wildwood Cafe? Well I did and once again had such fun.

These past 10 days have been full of smiles, friends and fun. I’d never have done this last year, my weight would have stopped me, I felt self conscience in public but NOW…. now I am rediscovering the real me again. My confidence is growing..

This ongoing journey of dropping a significant amount of weight, of losing friends but making new ones, of scaling mountains and learning to fly above the tree tops, has become an awakening. My life is no longer cushioned by food…sure things hurt more but there are also glorious times too. I’d rather feel every emotion and awake everyday KNOWING that I am finally living a real life…

Oh and did I also mention that I lost 2 lbs this week?

Well I did and that makes me smile even more 🙂

Thank you for your continuing support… I AM gonna do this!

C xxxxxx

PS I completely forgot about the 3rd Annual Healing Extravaganza! Enjoyed a super morning there with my daughters and friends!! I am loving getting out and about!

11 thoughts on “Vegan potluck, non-1940s food and 2 lb off

  1. I’m so happy for you, Carolyn. Good to see you back again, Looking forward to seeing more fun pics and recipes,
    Christine x

  2. Thanks Christine! I needed to just step back for a while and focus on other things but I really missed blogging!! A friend came up to me at work yesterday and quietly asked me if I was OK- my blog had been so quiet. I hadn’t realized that it had been two whole weeks with no updates (so unlike me!) but it had! Have been busy just getting my life on track emotionally and really ENJOYING life this past week or two!

    New recipes forthcoming! There will be some up this weekend!

    C xxxxxx

    • Thanks Cynthia! I stayed the same for 2 weeks after having lost 7lb and 4 lb the weeks before and then finally 2 lb loss this last week. Phew!!! xxxxxx

  3. Really pleased for you, Carolyn. Well done and very proud of your progress.

    I hope that the bean burger recipe is ok for you, and the vegan lollies idea is a great one. I used to make vegan ice cream the easy way by freezing the fruit in cubes, then whizzing up a cup of rice milk and dropping the fruit cubes into it until it turned into icecream. Easy and very fast! I also used to make vegan ice lollies by freezing slightly sweetened and watered down juices, sometimes adding bananas or other fruits and whizzing them before freezing.

    Hope that helps with the munchies! If you use local fruit then it’ll fit with the 1940s theme too 🙂

  4. Glad to see you are back!! I missed you 🙂 I’m also glad to hear that you are enjoying a new found freedom. That will do wonders for your spirit, just feeling that you can go anywhere and do anything, no longer feeling held back by the weight of… well, your weight!
    Congrats and I can’t wait to see some of the new recipes you post 🙂


  5. Hi Carolyn So glad you are back fit and fighting. I missed you so much and then my broadband went down and you bloged!! Just my luck. But seems we are both up and running now. Well done on your weight loss.

  6. Hi Carolyn, glad to hear you’re doing well and moving forward.
    “Kites rise highest against the wind; not with it.” – Winston Churchill
    It seems like your starting to soar. : )

  7. Hi Carolyn, You have been busy 🙂 Who is Sir Ken Robinson and what does he lecture on? Congrats also on how much weight has left you in the last month – that is an astounding 13lb in one month wow! Go you :)) x

  8. Such a relief to hear from you again Carolyn, I became quite depressed as if something had been taken away from me .! Looking forward to more wartime recipes which I love. I also eat mostly Linda McCartney’s foods which are delicious in addition to your recipes. Eating your Veggie Turnovers for dinner tonight! Thanks Carolyn for your info and support.

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