VLOG- March 31, 2012- Speed walking!

So went shopping with the girls in town and stopped off at the track to do walking…

Today I just didn’t want to spend an hour walking around the track as I was pushed for time and also I bought a resistance band and also a speed skip rope in town that I am dying to get home to try out! (I couldn’t find any boxing gloves unfortunately)

BUT instead I thought I’d try and walk as fast as I could in 30 minutes, really push myself and see what I could do. It ended up being 14 laps in 30 minutes which is 2 miles! Every step of the way I felt good, alive, healthy and pain free! I over took people and kept up with a lady 1/2 my size who was over taking people! 6 months ago I could slowly, with difficulty and in pain walk just a few laps..

I soooooo want other larger people like myself, who may have difficulty walking that you REALLY can do something about it and cry, screech and punch the air in a good way….because once you can, you will feel so good, you’ll never go back…. EVER!

Much love C xxxxxxxxxxx



3 thoughts on “VLOG- March 31, 2012- Speed walking!

  1. That’s fantastic Carolyn. You should be really really proud of yourself. I did an hour and a half swim coaching and walked to Greenbridge (about 2 miles in total) and my hips and legs are really feeling it now !! So Keep on Keeping On! Maybe one day we’ll both be able to get back to cross country running (minus the fags and matches in our bras :-)).

    You look more and more radiant every day – brilliant !


    Julie. xxxx


  2. Bravo! i went on a speed walk this morning because I was pressed for time and felt wonderful during and after as well. It is amazing how alive one can feel when you work your body the way it was meant to work!


  3. Way to go, Carolyn! It’s only going to get better and better as you keep losing weight! I remember how excited I was to be able to walk around the block without feeling like I was gasping for breath or having my feet hurt like crazy (I had plantar faciitis while I was overweight – very painful). It is so motivating to read your posts!


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