See this smile…

Monday has been such a good day that I may just need pinching..

My weekly weigh-in showed a 4 lb weight-loss which means on my home scales I now weigh 259 lbs (18 st 5 lbs).

Hell thats 40 lbs in the last 3.5 months, 56 lbs from the weight I started this blog at and down 86 lbs from my heaviest weight ever. Do you know how good that feels? It feels so good I want to cry pathetically …

And then as if that wasn’t enough good news in one day, I had a terribly exciting e-mail to do with my blog which at the moment I just cannot share for fear of jinxing this little ember that could ignite or could just simply fizzle out. But getting the e-mail was enough to bring smiles and some hope to this little Green Cottage full of Hobbits in the woods…

C xxxxxxxxxx

22 thoughts on “See this smile…

  1. I am so pleased for you C, your happiness just shines through!!
    Good luck re the e-mail, keeping everything crossed for you!!! G xxxxx


    • I worry so much because I’ve been here before, I have to keep pushing through. I really want to get to a healthy weight for me. And thank you Tempewytch xxxx


    • I’ve had great fun re-creating wartime recipes- most of them are much nicer than I could have imagined! Thanks for your kind words Chris xxxx


  2. You look like a happy little minx! By the way, have you been watching “Bomb Girls” ……not sure if you get cable/satellite or not, but it is also available for viewing on…….great mini series!


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