1940s Eggless Christmas Cake

Last week I cooked my very first authentic British WWII 1940s Eggless Christmas Cake for a new online magazine.. It was a trial run for me to see if it would taste good and try it out on my kids and see if they liked it too!

Despite my misgivings about cooking grated carrots in Golden Syrup and a Christmas Cake that did not have eggs in – it came out marvellously and made me a meatloaf sized cake that tasted bloody wonderful!

The girls and I demolished it in just two days and I’m afraid half of it ended up in my tummy…

I’ll post the recipe and photo on here next week but in fairness I’d like people to take a peek at this great, free online 1940s UK Radio Show magazine that has some terrific articles in… you’ll also see my recipe


PS: I’m still working on the “Home Front Kitchen Radio Show” so I’ll let you know once that is going to air!


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