Are you new to my blog? Here is what it is all about…

The 1940s Experiment is a personal journey and social experiment living for one year on a wartime ration book diet to conquer obesity.  100 wartime recipes will be recreated with photos as well as experiences of living on a 1940s WW2 ration diet… 1 authentic wartime recipe will be re-created for every 1 lb lost.

My highest ever weight was 345 lbs… I started the 1940s Experiment at 315 lbs and today I am 277 lbs. I’ve had a few stops and started along the way but now I’m committed to seeing this through…

My goal is to shift 100 lb in one year using a 1940s ration diet as my foundation….. at the moment I am also vegan.

My belief is that by drastically diminishing the amount of dairy and animal protein as well as processed foods in my diet, and by significantly increasing the amounts of fruit and vegetables and wholefoods as well as walking,  I can lose a significant amount of weight as well as improve my health and well being.

I restarted my 1940s Experiment goal again on September 23, 2011 and weighed in at 299 lbs (home scales) … my goal is to have lost 100 lbs by September 23, 2012.

This is my journey to lose 100 lbs…

2 thoughts on “Are you new to my blog? Here is what it is all about…

  1. Hi Carolyn

    I am new to your blog. I was browsing t’internet as i was thinking about doing something similar. I work with older people in encouraging those who may have fallen out of the habit, or who no longer have the interest in cooking for themselves to continue to eat a healthy filling nutritious meal. However with Armistice Day so recently upon us many of the people i talk to have been reminiscing about wartime and rationing. The research i had done inspired me to think about adopting a ration style diet in order to lose some poundage and to cut down on the sugars and fats that its all too easy to consume in the modern age.

    We have an allotment so effectively we are already on the road to ‘Dig for Victory’! I hope that i can take inspiration from your journey on your blog and perhaps we can support each other in our mutual endeavour

    Best wishes in achieving your goal

    • Hi Lisa… I think using the WWII rationing as a basis for improving our overall diet is good… I am finding that. I’d say to anyone cut right back on meats and dairy, eat lots and lots of fresh local (if possible) veggies and fruit, have very little processed foods, cook from scratch and eat wholefoods and get moving more! Things have changed since the 1940s so I’d NOT deprive ones-self of the amazing amount of veggies and fruits we have available to us…. rather have those than binge on unhealthy stuff!

      I envy you with an allotment!!! How wonderful!

      I used to grow lots of veggies many years ago and REALLY WILL STRIVE to have a productive garden in 2012… nothing better than knowing exactly what goes into growing your veg and being able to eat it freshly picked! I think the Ministry of Food is something the government need to bring back to the UK, run public information ads on eating healthily and how to cook! I think it is DISGUSTING the crap our kids eat and half of that is simply to do with the rubbish surrounds them to snack on… (and that goes for us too- it’s so easy to snack on tasty processed snacks like chips or convenience food)

      Having not had TV channels for several years I ONLY just watched Jamie’s School Dinners last week….. thank goodness there is someone who has the guts to stand up to the guys with the money and the budgets!

      Good look in your journey and I’d love some company!!

      C xxxxxxxx

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