First weigh in for a very long time- 314 lb

Cor what? TREPIDATION was the big word looming in front of my eyeballs as I carefully placed my feet on the weighing scales Monday morning…

I had lost a little weight over a few weeks, back in June,  but stopped jumping on the scales for the last 5 or 6 weeks as I knew my eating was getting out of control again because of very hectic work, volunteer and social schedule. Fast, horrible food on the go, was the order of the day most of the time.

It is so unfair that weight goes on so quickly. Anyone else find the same?? Last time I weighed myself, sometime in June, I was 289 lb but standing on the scales on Monday morning saw the needle thrust itself outrageously to the 314 lb mark. Basically in 5 or 6 weeks my weight had ballooned to just 1 lb less than when I started this back on August 2009. The alarming thing was that 25 lb had attached itself to me in just 6 weeks. How could that be possible?

How did I feel? Shitty for about 10 seconds but relieved that I finally had faced the reality of my situation. At least now it was time again to really try hard to make a final push and conquer this demon of mine..I know that fat lady isn’t me, I want to hike, run, go swimming and buy smaller knickers!

So here once again, for the third time in my life, its time to finally finish what I set out to do- lose 100 + lbs and improve my health by eating a diet low in processed, chemically enhanced crap and sticking to a tried and tested method, eating lots of fresh local veg and “non-fiddled” with food that kept that nation healthy during WWII.
C xx

8 thoughts on “First weigh in for a very long time- 314 lb

  1. Well done for taking the first step to getting back on track.
    I know what you mean about how hard it is to get it off but how easily it comes back on…VERY unfair.
    Looking forward to following your progress. 🙂

  2. Hey thanks all (means a lot!)…. it is such a relief to have made that decision and to be back into it! Just ate a lovely large lunch- 3 slices of wholemeal bread with a little butter, lots of cucumber made into a sandwich with pepper and salt added and a steaming hot cup of tea. Feeling really full after that…

    Already even just on day 4 feeling more alert..

    I wonder what the scales will say i=on Monday morning!! Hehehe

  3. Yes I find the same thing, I put weight on in an alarming fashion. That said, when I am strict, I can also lose at a pretty good rate. Keep up with it. It’s worth it, and so are you!!! =)

    • Thanks Jenn- when we really set our minds to it, you are right, the weight can come off pretty swiftly. C xxx

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