Extra tea ration fell from the sky..


With TEA being strictly rationed, all my birthdays came at once on Saturday when I was given a present of not only a pack of 80 tea bags (the difference in the 1940s would be that it would have been loose tea) BUT the tea had come all the way from ENGLAND! (I am British and moved here to Nova Scotia in Canada in 2004)..

The bearers of such a fabulous gift were my EX Husband’s parents- it was truly wonderful to see them again as it had been a very long 5 years since we last sat face to face.

So yesterday, I have shared some of my British tea ration with my kids and we have enjoyed several cups of hot English tea served from a nice white teapot and accompanied by freshly baked rock buns.


PS Pinch me please

C xx

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3 thoughts on “Extra tea ration fell from the sky..

  1. I’ve just found your blog and am reading it avidly now. I felt I had to comment when I saw this post about British tea though, as I completely share it! I love everything to do with the 1940s and have always wanted to attempt some kind of rationing but I don’t feel I have the sticking power so well done to you. 🙂

    I do plan to make some of these rock buns today though, and have them with a nice hot, proper cup of tea.

    KB xx

  2. i love rock buns/ cakes my nan always used to make them, as for tea, thats all i drink!!!! seeing your blog on here i cant help myself but look as i love reading about how people lived back in the days of the ww2 and now that we are in a depression again it makes sense to become less reliant on processed food etc as all the prices are going up people will probably need to make do with what they can produce themselves to a point!

    such a shame that you cant get decent tea over there!!

    Kelly from somerset, UK

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