I’ll lose this weight.. “Come Rain or Come Shine”

I’ve learnt in life that you have to do what makes you happy no matter what others think…

If I have a bad day or a sad day, I now have to find coping mechanisms to ensure that I no longer stuff my face with food I really shouldn’t be eating. This is SOOOOOO important to me I’ll try just about anything to succeed.

Today it’s been a struggle, a real struggle.

Tonight I sit here in the dark trying to keep away from the fridge so I gave myself the task of trying to learn a few seconds of “Come Rain or Come Shine”… I love singing to myself, I enjoy it. I just can’t sing in front of anybody, only my computer.

But it stopped me emptying the fridge..

Night night…

C xxxxxxxxxxxx

PS Here is the wonderful Bette Midler in the equally wonderful movie “For the Boys” singing “Come Rain or Come Shine” quite beautifully 🙂 I love this movie….