Canadian Thanksgiving.

I brought some maple leaves in from the tree outside to brighten up the table..

Some of us in Canada celebrate thanksgiving on Sunday and some on Monday… we get a holiday, all stores and businesses are closed except for gas stations and restaurants and hospitality pretty much. I decided to have our meal today. I LOVE putting in hours of prep work and enjoying a lovely, celebratory meal at the end of it…

Meatless loaf, tasted so good, full of protein and very tasty indeed..

Our Canadian thanksgiving meal was very similar to the christmas dinners we had when we lived in the UK (being british) except we had lashings of mashed potatoes instead of roast potatoes. Everything on my plate was pretty much what someone would have

A sunny thanksgiving

enjoyed for a really special meal, back in the 1940s. I cooked a very small ham for the children (there were urban pig clubs) but for myself, I wanted something very special, so tried a meatless meatloaf (being vegan) using mostly ingredients available during wartime (Ok except for tofu and soy sauce). It was just one of those occasions (and there has only been a handful of them in the past year), where I had to make an exception.

Jess and Cody

This vegan meatloaf was pretty amazing, my eldest daughter and her boyfriend had a slice and really liked it too. If you would like to try the recipe CLICK HERE. Note that it actually makes two medium sized meat loafs and is enough to feed about 12 people! Also note that you need to add an extra 20 minutes to the cooking times than specified in the recipe..

I served mine with wild thyme from the garden..

What we had

Main: Country style mashed potatoes, braised sprouts, roasted parsnips, baked ham in apple sauce, meatless meatloaf, garden peas, stuffing balls, bisto and vegetable gravy

Dessert: Apple pie and I made an avocado chocolate mousse using yes, avocados, cocoa powder, agave syrup and vanilla essence