The Evacuation Scene in Hope and Glory

Dear all,

I was searching for WW2 content to watch on YouTube last week and came across the evacuation scene from the 1987 film set during WW2 called “Hope and Glory”.

Hope and Glory is one of my favourite wartime movies because it is a simple slice of life of a family living in the London suburbs, showing the experiences of the home-front, through the eyes of a young boy. It focuses on the impact war has on his family and his neighbours, the good, the bad and the heart ache and those moments of delight where the war was forgotten momentarily.

Arguably the most heart wrenching scene was the wartime evacuation of the young children during June of 1940. It makes me cry unapologetically, every-single-time. Sarah Miles did an incredible job in that scene (as did the children).

Much love, C xxxxx

5 thoughts on “The Evacuation Scene in Hope and Glory

  1. Love Hope and Glory, haven’t watched it in a while but now I’ll need to either find it on streaming or get my dvd out.

  2. Thanks for recommending this. I’ve looked at the beginning of this and can see it is my type of movie. I’ll look forward to watching it. I do want to say that the title is Hope and Glory.. and not &. There are several movies that has similiar names. Thanks again


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