Ministry of Food Leaflet No. 13 Puddings

So sorry! I am a little behind so will post two leaflets today. One now, this morning and one this evening too!

We are without heating and hot water currently (24 hrs now) and expect to be for another day or two. It’s all to do with a frozen condensation pipe as our temperatures are currently at -8C (it’s done it before) which has shut down our gas boiler. Understandable given the location of the pipe (15 ft up on an exposed corner of the house). I’ve requested that the pipe gets lagged but not sure how affective that would be given the location. Anyway, as happened last time, as soon as the weather gets above freezing for a few hours, it should thaw. It may be tomorrow but if not we have warm weather for sure on Sunday!

Here is the leaflet to download.

C xxxx

7 thoughts on “Ministry of Food Leaflet No. 13 Puddings

  1. Here in the USA we can buy electric pipe wraps that plug in to keep pipes from freezing. If you had one and just plugged it in when it gets very cold you might not have troubles. Our power is 120 volts and you would need one made for your country of course.

  2. Of all of the leaflets, this one is my favorite. For filling, cheap easy comfort food, nothing beats a good stodgy pudding. I have the wood stove heating my kitchen all day in the winter, so having a pudding simmering on the stovetop for 2 or 4 hours isn’t a problem. Thank you again for making all of these available to us. Hugs from Nova Scotia!

  3. Hoping your heat is on sooner than expected. Another suggestion from the US: an electric blanket. It makes the bed cozy, and also makes a good wrap when sitting at a desk, on the couch, etc.

  4. Thank you for posting! This is timely – I want to try making a British pudding for the first time. Sorry to hear about your heating situation 🙁 No fun. Praying for you.

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