Emergency Pantry Tour

Well, it’s not exactly a tour as it’s a tiny cupboard under the stairs but nevertheless, it’s now stocked fully. Add to that an unused fridge and boxes under the bed, full of supplies, and we now are prepared for an emergency such as loss of income, ill health, shortages, cost of living, or anything that gets thrown at us. This will help ease us through 3-6 months of turbulence which seems to be a sensible thing to do given the unpredictable world we currently live in.

Thought you might like to have a peek! It’s not terribly well organised but none of us are perfect!!!

C xxxxx

9 thoughts on “Emergency Pantry Tour

  1. Well done! Your cupboard looks great. I hope you remember to rotate your stock! I really hope we don’t actually have to go through a 1940s existence even if some of us are more prepared. It will soon be time for making Christmas Puddings. Stir up day is 20th November! Enjoy

  2. Well done, Carolyn.
    I have been freezing our spare eggs lightly beaten, in individual little plastic pots. We buy larger packs of cheese and butter and freeze it in weekly ration ration portions. M&S 500g butter is £3.85 for 500g now.

    In the big freeze of 1962, Mum made lots of soup, porridge with powdered milk, and scones in the Rayburn stove to feed us and the neighbours when the power was out.
    I have bought a Kelly Kettle and cooking set to cook on the patio for emergencies.

    • Thank you for mentioning the Kelly Kettle, which I’d never heard of. I looked it up and I was looking for something like this, that I could learn to use. We have plenty of wood! I’ll research it further.

  3. That was fun. Lots of good stuff in there. I am so happy you kept the ‘expired’ cans. The food is perfectly good as long as the cans aren’t swollen. I have eaten from cans marked 10 years expired and it was fine. Isn’t it a relief knowing that life can go on normally, even in a crisis, because you are prepared? Thanks for the tour.
    ** Don’t forget some hard candy. Lasts forever and comes in handy for an occasional sweet tooth.

    • I fear I’d not have the willpower to resist hard candy if it was in my pantry, I don’t think it would survive long!!! Maybe a big bag of lollipops would be good to add to the inventory as these are notoriously difficult to open lol xxxx

  4. Very impressed. A lot of thought gmhad gone into that. I was reading this morning about prepping and the most overlooked thing is the phone? In the event of outages etc., masts could be down and then no one can dial out on mobiles or use their chargeable home phones? A cheap plug in corded phone is recommended and I’d never even thought of that. There’s so much to think of. Well done Carolyn. I’m making notes 🙂 xx

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