Pandemic Pantry cookbook ready to download.

FINALLY the “Pandemic Pantry Community Cookbook” is ready to DOWNLOAD.

Before you dive in I’d first like to say that this first version contains 38 of the nearly 200 recipes already submitted during the pandemic BUT my life is hectic, my home circumstances right now are challenging and if I didn’t do it this way it would NEVER get finished.

I’ve decided that on the 1st day of each calendar month there will be a NEW version of the cookbook FREE to download. It will be much easier for me to add in 10-20 new recipes every month and update the book with valuable resources and links to keep it current. If you do not see the recipe you submitted please know that it will be added, just download your new version every month. The Pandemic Pantry cookbook will ALWAYS be free and if anyone would like to send any frugal recipes through please do so to

I sincerely APOLOGISE for the time it has taken me. I sometimes feel like I am trying to climb a greasy pole to complete things as I am time challenged and the last few years, well, what can I say, we’ve all been coping with many things in different ways.

I really want to say THANK YOU to those who sent through their recipes, at last count I was up to 180 something so there will be lots to add over the coming months.

Sending much love and safety to all during these times of uncertainty, whether its medically, economically or with the recent war in Ukraine and the worry of escalation into neighbouring countries, I sincerely wish you all the very best.

C xxxxx

PS: I’ll be doing some of the Pandemic Pantry recipes on my YouTube channel now and again so please subscribe HERE! Thank you.

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  1. That’s just marvellous! What a great job you’ve done. I shall really enjoy trying out these recipes! Top job! Xx

    • I’m just so embarassed its taken me so long and only have about 1/5th of the recipes added so far but honestly the last two years have been tough and so very, very busy. Been all over the place emotionally too because of the menopause and feeling like an imposter.

      Will add in lots more recipes every month, so many were submitted and I want them up and out there getting to people.

      Thanks so much xxx C

  2. Oh I have been waiting eagerly for this Carolyn, looking forward to seeing what’s in it, Thankyou.

    • It will eventually end up being a huge book but just some of the recipes that have been submitted in for now. Some great recipes and messages submitted which I’ve tried to include. Thanks xxx C

  3. No need to apologize, Carolyn. “Life happens.”
    And sometimes big projects like these are exciting to begin and glorious to finish, but there is a whole lot of slogging that happens in between! Lol. I so very much appreciate your doing this for all of us. 😘

      • I had a thought…
        Could you set up a post on the blog so that when we try a recipe and want to thank the person who sent it in, that we can do that? I’m looking at this cookbook and my mouth is watering! I have to try some of these!

      • ooo that would be good! I will create a post next weekend so we can have a discussion about one or some of the recipes. Great idea Holly! xxxx

  4. The cookbook is a lovely idea.
    My frugal healthy recipe is red soup. I use chicken stock from simmering the carcass after every scrap of meat has been used, and chicken dripping saved from the roasting tin, to add flavour. Bone stock is good for the gut.
    Sauté a chopped red onion and a stick of celery gently in the chicken dripping, add cubed butternut squash or sweet potato, then a tablespoon of red lentils, add the chicken stock and a tablespoon of tomato purée. Simmer for twenty minutes till the vegetables are tender, then blitz it with a hand blender.
    To be posh serve it with a dollop of plain yoghourt and some chopped parsley.

    • Thanks Nellie, can I put your recipe in the book? If so let me know if there is a short message and link uou’d like to include. Ie Nellie from (country name) etc. Thanks so much xxx

  5. Thank you so much for putting this recipe book together. I love easy, nutritious recipes and am looking forward to trying some of the recipes in your book. I hope your life settles down for you.

    • Thank you and there have been some great recipes submitted by people to cater for all too…life is busy here with some personal family worries but things will get better xxxxx

  6. Thanks for all your hard work Carolyn. No apologies needed for tardiness. Look how long it to Michaelangelo to paint the church ceiling! We’re all going to get so much from this.

    • That’s very understanding of you xxx I think as I get to add in all the recipes that have been submitted and add in all the resources I intended to, it will be a lovely community cookbook. I love seeing what people eat xxxx C

    • Me too! It is a real gift and a service Carolyn has done for everyone. Kuddos, Carolyn! 👏

  7. Well done, it looks great Carolyn. Made my mouth water reading through the recipes, especially the cake and dessert ones! Thank you for putting in all the hard work. I’m so sorry to hear times are challenging at the moment. I have a little mantra when I’m down, ‘this too shall pass”. Just a thought, sent with love. June 💕

    • Thank you so much June, everything passes in time, that is so very true xxxx I’m loving the look of the submitted recipe for Peach Cobbler…I need that in my life!!! C xxxx

  8. As I always tell people,” I’m a sweet lady”. Some may disagree🤣.Peach Cobbler is first on my list too. June. xx

    • Awww thank you Cheryl! It wouldn’t have happened without people from all over the world sending in their tried and tested recipes! Can’t wait to add some more in! C xxxx

  9. Thank you very much for this lovely work, looking forward to be cooking these recipes.
    I discovered a chanel on youtube about growing your own plants even on a ladder with hydroponics. It’s name is Keep on growing. D.I.Y hydroponics by Mike VanDuzee.
    It fits well with smart frugality.

  10. Don’t ever apologize, especially since you’re giving away your valuable time and effort! Speaking for myself, thank you, as always, for your wonderful efforts. You’ve definitely inspired me — I’m making Oslo lunches as part of my diet right now, and they’re great!

    • Thank you Elizabeth xxxx I need to be more like you and start using more 1940s recipes again although stew and potatoes are a go to in my house so half way there again! Take care C xxxx

  11. You should be proud Carolyn not apologetic, you’ve created the most wonderful book which is a fantastic resource for people. My personal belief is that now more than ever with skyrocketing inflation, here in Australia food costs are out of control, this would be a big seller for families trying to make it through.
    I’ve already referred two people to your book.
    Thank you again for all you do and have done, you’ve no idea how much pleasure you have given me over the years with your works. Every new post creates a little excitement, I just want to see you make a living from this, would be wonderful to have you on this full time.

    • Dear Kim, oh my goodness, you made me tear up. What a lovely thing to say xxxxx I love doing this so much and just love that people can share what they make and use during times of hardship, getting those recipes out there may help someone get through and realise you can make quite a bit out of little. The Pandemic Pantry will always be free and infact this weekend I added several more recipes in and will add a few more before the new version goes up in 2 days! It will always grow and evolve.

      I would LOVE to be able to blog, video and do recipe books EVERY SINGLE DAY, its my passion and it’s the dream! I make a little bit of money from the ads running on the blog and that helps me pay for domain names and buying a few bits and pieces like software here and there to carry on creating.

      I’ve dreamt of putting the WW2 recipes into downloadable book format eventually and have them as an inexpensive purchase, but again much time is needed to do these things, catch 22 🙂

      Thank you once again, really appreciate your thoughtful comment. You just made my day and it’s not even 6 am yet!!!

      C xxxxxxx

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