Thank you for your 8 million page views.

It blows my mind but also comforts me that there are many people out there who still remember and hold on strong to some of the values and sensibilities our parents, grandparents and great grandparents possessed. To know there ARE people remembering and in some ways reliving these values through education and re-creation makes me happy.

It is so hard to truly understand the times and conditions families had to endure, the uncertainty, the unknown, tragedy, sadness, joy, elation, the psychological anguish…. no we can’t really understand, not unless we have lived through it ourselves and that applies to our modern day lives too. We NEVER really know how someone else is feeling, how they are coping, how they are managing to get through their day. We need to be kind, we need to look out for our neighbour.

I digress…This hefty, old, creaking blog (much like myself) has enjoyed so many of your stories (9,500 comments), has 818 posts and nearly 200 recipes published, 1.8 million visitors and over 8 million views.

According to some friends, I own Google (well for wartime recipes and WW2 recipe searches). Google has referred people to my blog 1.7 million times from it’s search engine, Facebook 170,000 times and Pinterest 34,000 times. Sounds like I’m boasting ….probably am a bit.

Community means everything to me. I feel privileged to be able to glimpse into so many amazing lives and thoughts through your comments and interactions. Thank you for continuing to visit and for sharing your thoughts and expertise. I always look forward to reading your comments and discussions.

Wishing you all the best, C xxxxxx

16 thoughts on “Thank you for your 8 million page views.

  1. You more than deserve the many views/recommendations etc. It does people good to remember the old ways and a more simple way of life. I am a 1940’s re-enactor and have visited schools, been on the radio and little appearances on tv over the years with my re-enactment unit. We always get well received by old and young alike. The older generation thank us for reminding people about the way things were and realise that they aren’t forgotten and your posts do the same. The war was a very sad time for a lot of folks but people did their best to pull together. X

    • Oh this is lovely Melanie!!! I LOVE seeing the re-enactors when I go to events, such care and consideration goes into people being authentic as possible, love what people like yourself do!!!! xxxx

      • Thanks Carolyn…… I’ve been interested in WWII since I was a child…. the good, the bad and the absolutely awful side of it. Re-enacting the 1940’s/WWII is my way of reminding people why we are all able to live the way we do today. It’s lovely to be amongst like minded people (yourself included!). X

  2. I’m a baby boomer born 1947. I so wished I had asked my parents questions about their wartime experiences. All too late now. However my darling sister who was eighteen years older than me did tell me bits and pieces she remembered. My admiration and respect goes to those who lived through those times. Congratulations Carolyn you so deserve recognition for this informative blog. xx

    • Dear June, thank you so much. This is so interesting. We do wish we’d asked questions, I’m asking my parents questions who are saying they wished they’d asked more questions but they said when they were young it was thought of as a bit rude to ask family type questions (we were talking about relatives at the time). My parents were young children during the war and were in Ireland but they don’t remember too much. They do remember it being very hard times for most though xxxxx

  3. I love your blog. It is thoughtful, honest and kind. But it’s also a cracking good read, full of great recipes, and it makes me smile. Relationships matter more than things, and a simple dish made with love is far better than fancy fare served up with hatred, as it says in the Bible. Please keep going!

  4. Thanks Carolyn…… I’ve been interested in WWII since I was a child…. the good, the bad and the absolutely awful side of it. Re-enacting the 1940’s/WWII is my way of reminding people why we are all able to live the way we do today. It’s lovely to be amongst like minded people (yourself included!). X

    • Yes WW2 was hardly any time ago at all yet society has completely changed in most ways in such a short period of time. A lot of it in good ways but also not so good in areas too. I think those memories kept alive by people like yourself educate different generations how hard times were but that it was possible to live a life with very little, and just make do, it must have been very tough and depressing but resilience is something humans are good at when they work together. xxxx

  5. I’m not surprised you have had so many views and visits, you do a grand job on here and the recipes usually work out … if I’m concentrating and not distracted by a book.

    Aren’t blogging statistics fascinating to read, I often fall down a wormhole of facts and figures if I go to check something out on mine.

    • Thank you and YES, it is fascinating, I often wonder for instance why yesterday I got about 150 people come to the website from a microsoft teams program, of course I can’t tell who it is or where they are from apart from in the UK BUT I really want to know, was it a school doing a lesson about the homefront? It is fascinating! xxxx

  6. Thank you for being here! You probably don’t get enough thanks for the recipes and ideas you write about. I really appreciate it!

    • Thank you Carol, I love doing it and really wish life gave me more time to do more, sometimes I disappear off radar when things are too busy in my life or I am struggling with things. I wish I was more consistent, I’m feeling horribly guilty about not finishing the Pandemic Cookbook yet, I have 1 more days holiday left to take this year and want to try and use that specifically for that if I can if nothing else crops up I have to use it for. xxxxx

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