Green Mint Sauce – Recipe No. 178

Mint is growing abundantly in a pot in my side garden.

I decided today I needed to put it to good use so found an old wartime recipe for ‘Green Mint Sauce’ from a book called ‘Good Eating – Suggestions for Wartime Recipes’. All recipes in the book have been submitted by Daily Telegraph readers during WW2.

I only wanted a small pot full so took the recipe below and quartered the ingredients which roughly came up as 100 g of chopped mint, 100 g of sugar and 200 ml or vinegar (I used 1/2 apple cider vinegar and 1/2 malt vinegar).

This returned a sweet, minty, sauce with a hint of apple. I’m using it sparingly on everything this afternoon and intend to use it later on my peas and roast potato at dinner time!

Green Mint Sauce
1/4 lb chopped mint (I used 100 g)
3/4 pt vinegar (I used 100 ml apple cider vinegar and 100 ml malt vinegar)
1/2 lb sugar (I used 100 g)

Boil vinegar and and pour it over the sugar in a saucepan and stir until dissolved
When cooled add chopped mint and stir
Add to clean jar, will keep in fridge for several months

4 thoughts on “Green Mint Sauce – Recipe No. 178

  1. i did’t know that there was any other way to make it! During my childhood we had a large garden and the folk around had little plots. So on a Sunday morning there would be a regular stream of folk coming by for milnt, for the mint sauce, or parsley on a Friday for parsley sauce to go with fish.


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