Pantry Makeover – Part 1 + FREE Food Storage Labels.

So opening the door of my old under the stairs pantry this morning it was beginning to look like an episode of ‘hoarders’ so decided my goal today was to deal with it ASAP before it all got out of hand. To get it ship shape and an area I could use for food storage was important to assist in my drive to get my life, finances, diet and future in order. To tackle life one chore at a time….

So I’ve pulled everything out, recycled lots, threw away quite a bit, relocated some of the items I really needed to keep and labelled up my food storage buckets so it no longer is a guessing game in what buckets contain flour or pulses. I even found some Union Jack bunting in the back of the pantry so used some of that to add a bit of nostalgia.

This is just the first tidy through and I have plans to utilise the space more but thought you’d like to see what I’ve been up to. It’s definitely doing my brain good to tackle chores full on instead of putting them off…it’s quite satisfying. Yes it was 4 hours of my life to sort it all out but now I’m going to smile when I open the door instead of get frustrated and feel awful about it.

One more chore today, balance my budget book!

C xxxx


PS: I downloaded FREE LABELS from HERE for my food storage buckets and stuck them on with a glue stick. I changed the font as you can see below but the labels also come with writing on so you can just print and stick.


24 thoughts on “Pantry Makeover – Part 1 + FREE Food Storage Labels.

  1. That looks very nice! I love labels and containers. I always find I use so much more energy putting something off and frettng about it, than if I just waded in an got it done. The bunting is festive too!

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    • Same here! I put it off and then it gets worse and then finally something snaps and I pull everything out and deal with it! Going to try and deal with all the stuff and keep on top of it now, bit like the finances and hoping the eating too xxx


    • I found the labels free on the internet and modified them a little! My kitchen is absolutely tiny so having this space in addition is so very much needed… now I have space to put food and stuff! LOL! xx


  2. Well done Carolyn! I love the bunting too. I finally straightened up our front porch; our over-flow ‘fridge’ in winter months. One step at a time, yes, taking control and feeling organized is a great feeling! Carry On- thumbs up πŸ™‚


  3. I’m trying to de-clutter just one item a day, so far it’s going well, I haven’t had to look around for something, I’ve just happened to see something and think ‘I don’t use that’ or similar. I’ve actually de-cluttered more than one item each day, so I’m feeling pleased. Incidentally, I have no desire to live in one of those houses where there isn’t a single personal detail, no pictures, books or anything, I just want to appreciate what I do have and not be overwhelmed with ‘stuff’.

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  4. Well done Carolyn, love the bunting, and the labels. I also have under stairs pantry and it is a place I do not like to go but have to,, use it daily. … will you come over to BC and make mine look like yours?? ann lee

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  5. It looks wonderful. I’very just done something similar. I don’t have a pantry (my understairs cupboard is stuffed full of my crafting materials) but I have a lovely dresser and I’ve sorted most of my nuts, seeds, dried fruits and beans etc into jars and labelled them. It makes a lovely colourful display. Love your bunting. I think I might pinch the idea and put some along the edge of each shelf.


  6. It might have taken four hours of your life, but you’ll soon gain them back because you will be able to go in and grab exactly what you need with no searching for that elusive and hidden thing … well you might want to stand and admire your lovely pantry for a moment but that will be pure pleasure not a task at all.

    It looks great πŸ™‚

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  7. Your pantry looks great! Reminds me of the one my mother used to have with the concrete slab at the back where she used to keep her eggs and butter etc. ( before she was able to afford her fridge )

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    • We had one when I was a kid that had huge stone slabs for the shelves, my poor mum was devastated when she went to work one day and my dad demolished it! I don’t think she ever quite forgave him for that.

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  8. Well done C! It looks awesome now! Love those buckets, did you buy them online? Such a good idea and keeps bugs out. I have to put any packet in a plastic bag currently (old house, bugs love it) I love the whole look you have, and how adorable is that mooing cow!

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