Oatmeal Stuffing – Recipe No. 174

I had lots of vegetables to eat up today but as I don’t eat meat I felt that something filling was needed on my plate for dinner tonight. I had some coarse oatmeal in my pantry so when I found a wartime recipe for ‘oatmeal stuffing’ it was obvious to me that I had to make this and eat it instead of crisps or chocolate (two days this week I succumbed to the foods of the devil!).

Once again, this is a very simple and easy recipe to create although I will fore warn you that the cooked oatmeal will cling to the sides of your saucepan in such a way that you will find it rather tempting to just throw your pan in the bin rather than spend an hour scrubbing it afterwards. If you decide to let your saucepan live to see another day you might just have to leave it to soak overnight…

I think a little grated apple and some chopped sage would have been nice in this dish and will definitely make this again with these extra additions.

C xxxx

Oatmeal Stuffing


3 oz coarse oatmeal
2 oz breadcrumbs
1.5 tea cups of water
salt and pepper
1 finely chopped or grated onion
Teaspoon dried mixed herbs
Spoonful of margarine or dripping



  • Simmer 3 oz coarse oatmeal and chopped onion in 1.5 teacups of water for 20 minutes
  • Add 2 oz of breadcrumbs, margarine, mixed herbs, salt and pepper and mix well
  • Set aside and cool slightly and place into a greased pie dish
  • Cook in a hot oven for about 15 minutes until browned

Serves 4-6

16 thoughts on “Oatmeal Stuffing – Recipe No. 174

    • Yeh for skirlie ! Love it to bits, always have. I also like mine as stuffing (in the meat, especially lamb flap) or in balls (or should I say spheres ?) around a roast, or even done in the oven seperate to the meat for a crisp top. I add bacon to mine too, for a change. It’s really just haggis without the meat.

  1. When you say coarse oatmeal, so you mean regular rolled oats (not the quick cook kind) or do you mean steel cut oats (that require soaking in order to be edible)?

    • Basically its regular porridge oats that have been whizzed around for a few seconds in a food mixer. I actually buy a bag now and again already prepared from Morrisons supermarket but if I don’t have a bag of ‘coarse oatmeal’ then I just whiz regular porridge oats around in my food mixer for a few seconds. C xxxx

    • Alas no as the stirring in the saucepan would lift bits of foil….oatmeal is horribly sticky!! LOL. Its fine when you bake it in a tin in the oven…its just during the cooking xxxx

    • If you are looking for a lesss messy cooking method then try steaming the mixture, as for steam pudding. I use the slow cooker as a bain marie and cook mine low and slow as well as the method sited. You can make the slow cooked mixture into pattie, sausage or ball shapes then fry to crisp or bake in puff pastry, called a Bridie in Scotland but looks like a puffy cornish pastie. Try adding bacon bits to the mixture too.

  2. Hi there is a wonderful cook Dorothy h pocock wrote a book a month meatless recipes really helpful . She wrote for the vegetarian society in the 30s and 40s. Love what you do. Take care

  3. Hi all… so its the school holidays and my two teenagers are at my mums in Suffolk for two weeks , this means i get to indulge my wartime diet just for myself as my partner works away all week. Just got some bean and veg shepherds pie cooking and looking through your other recipes Carolyn to see what i can make.. so happy, in my element and loving it thanks so much for all the recipes Joy x

  4. Just bought a lovely old blue vintage round baking tin, perfect for trying the oatmeal stuffing but I will be adding the apple and sage like you suggest Carolyn, it looks delicous 😋 Xxx

  5. Mitty is correct about only using cold water to soak, scrub and then when the goo is gone wash with warm soapy water

  6. Lovely, but more onion and some mushroom for me! I’m still growing free spring onions and celery too.(regrow from bottom bit I cut off and root in water.) So when I get enough I soften some in oil or water and put it in many things.

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