Blackberry Shortbread – Recipe No. 171

I’m picking wild blackberries in my garden every couple of days so today when I found a simple shortbread recipe in the ‘Eating for Victory’ book (a collection of reproduction WW2 instructional leaflets) I immediately decided the shortbread biscuits would need a blackberry on top to give them an extra a burst of flavour.

Let me tell you…the blackberries worked so well! It will take me a LOT of willpower to not devour all of them!

So the recipe is incredibly simple and I didn’t even use a rolling pin and a biscuit cutter.

Blackberry Shortbread

3 oz plain white flour
2 oz margarine
1 oz sugar
10 fresh blackberries, rinsed and patted dry

Rub the margarine into the flour and sugar.
Knead into a dough without adding any water.
Roll out to about 1/8th inch and cut into biscuits (I simply tore off a walnut sized amount, rolled into a ball and flattened it in my palms and dented the middle once on the baking tray to place the blackberry).
Sprinkle with a little sugar.
Bake in a cool oven (about 150 c) until very pale golden brown around edges.

Makes 8-10 biscuits.

Here are some photos I snapped with my phone of the process..


12 thoughts on “Blackberry Shortbread – Recipe No. 171

  1. G’day 🙂 Wow, gorgeous blackberries. Lucky you to have them in the garden. Blackberries here in Australia are considered a noxious weed and vigorously poisoned along the roadsides. Such a shame they’ve never been promoted as “come and pick all you like”. Berries just aren’t the thing here that they are in UK, except strawberries, seeming to prefer tropical fruits. I suppose that’s to be expected, but boy do I miss the berries! Buying them is astronomical and a true luxury. Your biscuits look scrummy. It’s a luxury I’ll have to indulge in I think. Thanks.


    • Hi Andrea…. all OK. Just a busy week, I’ve been very tired and in bed early after work. Hoping to do a couple of blog postings tomorrow after I’ve done the garden and the rest of my chores tomorrow morning. Thanks for your concern xxxx


  2. Oh that’s good, I know the feeling trying to fit everything in around work and home,
    Before you know it the time has vanished☺️ Well enjoy your Sunday and please don’t rush to write lol, just so look forward to reading all comments 😂 Xxx


  3. Hi Carolyn, thanks for recipe … on different note, you mention you struggled with weight issues – so did my husband until he learned sugar is the problem .. ( some scientists are calling Alzheimers, diabetes type 3 ). If you really want to lose weight and become healthy you should look up videos on YouTube by Ivor Cummings. He ran marathons and was super fit but his blood tests always showed fats too high so he hired nutritionist and stuck to strict diet for 3 months then got bloods tested again and fats were still too high. He was totally confused so being a chemical engineer he researched cells and how they worked and read through many studies and after 2 years he had enough proof that sugar was the problem – unfortunately all carbohydrates are turned into sugar in our bodies so a diet in low carbs, low sugar is the only one that will work to lose weight and stay healthy and slim. My husband lost 2 stone in 3 months, I lost 2 inches off my waist and 3lbs in the first 5 days !! This is because you need to COMPLETELY remove sugar and carbohydrates from your diet for 21 days – and I mean completely – no ketchup no potatoes no pasta rice bread – basically read ingredients and if sugar in all its many names is listed then you cannot eat it during the 21 days. ( fructose, glucose, sucrose, dextrose etc ) You need to reset your body to work with protein rather than carbs and sugar. You will notice the difference in 5 days – added bonus for me was all my aches and pains disappeared in 5 days with no sugar or carbs in my diet. I could only do the complete absolute ‘no sugar no carbs’ part for about 14 days then I gave in and had a nibble of 85% dark chocolate that normally I wouldn’t touch as it tasted like burnt cardboard before, but it tasted sweet ! As I slowly allowed about 30g of carbs a day back into my diet I found I needed the emotional comfort of melting chocolate but that 85% stuff is still too hard and not quite sweet enough so I tried the 72% one and that is amazing now, whereas before the “no sugar or carbs for 21 days” I stuffed a whole bar of milk chocolate into me every day and thought I could never ever eat dark chocolate but not I prefer it to milk or white – in fact white is way too sweet now…. but just give up all sugar and all carbs for 5 days and see the difference – you can eat protein and veg and fat but don’t chose processed meats like sausages and sliced ham and don’t gorge on fats just remember eating is just to fuel our body’s functions – I found myself eating what others considered odd like a corn cake with butter, peanut butter, cheese and beetroot but it was delicious as my sense of taste returned even though i never knew it was gone ! Like I said, watch Ivor tell you about cells and explain how we are killing ourselves with sugar and carbs and try avoid them for just 5 days and see the magic difference and then you have proof and you can try it for 21 days! Good luck xx


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