It’s all done…

I handed back the keys today for our house in Nottingham and now we are fully at our new place further up North!

This weekend will finally not involve driving back and forth, packing, unpacking, making good, painting or whatever (even though I still have about 15 bags and boxes still to unpack here! – they can WAIT!). It’s time to now knuckle down and get back on track with reducing weight and increasing fitness and enjoying good, wholesome food again!

I’ve made a start. I’ve been baking bread, eating lots of veggie dishes thrown together from the organic veggie box I get once a week from . All I need to get back under control is spoiling all my good work by eating horrid junk food in the evenings! No more buying the stuff from now on!

Last Saturday I dug over a weed filled flower bed and bought some herbs from my new local plant nursery. For ¬£4 I bought chives, sage, oregano, stevia, thyme and Vietnamese coriander. The bed is quite shady so I’m not sure how they will take. It’s a long time since I last did any growing so will persevere!

Hoping to find my 1940s cook books too and start getting back on track with the recipes and rationing!

C xxxx

2 thoughts on “It’s all done…

  1. Congratulations!!! I have been following your moves since you were advertising your house in Canada. To me it sounded like a fantastic story- Perhaps  you should write it someday. I found your website when I was trying to find out how wartime butchers calculated how much fillet steak was equal to 1/3d worth of scrag end of mutton. I still have not found out but I enjoy the Carolyn Saga and all the recipes. With warmest good wishes John Romer.

  2. All the best in your quest I wish you well in your new abode! I got a diagnosis of Diabetes and was so determined to lose weight and it does take a great deal of will power. My doctor was impressed with my efforts that she wanted me to write to her how I did it!

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