22 lb on in 8 weeks and it’s all to do with convenience food.

So I knew the news was going to be bad. I’ve felt increasingly sluggish, tired and generally horrid these past few weeks (and I ache all over!)

Since after the London Marathon, my walking, jogging and weight training has plummeted to rarely and because of trying to balance a full-time job, and moving houses, with saucepans in boxes and very little time to spend on cooking, my reliance on cheap convenience food (with the occasional good meal here and there) and allowing myself to indulge in foods I wouldn’t normally eat (as far off ration as you can get!) I’ve put on 22 lbs. yes that’s right – 22 lbs in 8 weeks. (current weight 276 lbs which is 19 st 7 lbs)

Let me tell you I am not happy with this. It’s all my fault. It’s made me realize that it’s so very easy to go back to bad eating habits.

But I’m using this weight gain as confirmation of what I’ve always known and that is as soon as you start eating lots of food prepared in a factory using ingredients that have been modified, it’s going to make you sick, it’s going to make you fat, especially if you exercise little or have problems controlling quantity.

Today I’ve had a good start. Lots of salad and some homemade wholemeal bread and about to make an onion, tomato and broccoli bake for lunch with leftovers for dinner. I’m already peeing every 30 minutes and that is a great sign as the toxins begin to flush out.

I’ve also signed up for a large organic veg box scheme (first delivery next Wednesday) and that I feel is worth investing in, UK and local organic veggies, smaller independent producers and pesticide free vegetables.

Lots of love

C xxx


3 thoughts on “22 lb on in 8 weeks and it’s all to do with convenience food.

  1. You are such an encouragement to me. Even though you’ve gained some (as have I recently) you are ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work making changes to your diet. Even though we live an ocean apart, it is comforting to be working on eating right with someone like you! Thank you.


  2. I do sympathise when I am at home we eats lots of veg from the garden and fruit . I am staying with my daughter at the moment what with wedding preparations she is getting married on the 8th , and now she is in hospital I don’t think I have seen a vegetable for weeks . Still the only thing to do is get back to normal .


  3. Oh Carolyn, I am so with you there ,Needing to get down to 110 kgs so I could have an operation I was down to 115kgs with just 5kg more to lose and whammo my rheumatoid had a massive flare up. Not being able to move freely to prepare my meals so back onto the naughty meals and cortisone treatment dammit and here I am back at 122kgs. It’s a never ending story of up and down. Looking on the bright side you know and I know that WE CAN DO IT. Chin up, thinking of you.


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