Armistice Day – 2 minutes silence at work.

I got my phone out and took a quick video today during our two minutes silence at work. When I played it back and saw some of the young faces in the video, people I work with, it brought a few tears to my eyes thinking how awful it must have been that so many young men lost their lives during WW1.

It’s important to never forget such selfless acts… C xxxx

3 thoughts on “Armistice Day – 2 minutes silence at work.

  1. Do not forget that WW2 has also been added to that time now, I was one of those children who grew up in London through all that time, schools and friends blown to bits but still remembered.
    Unfortunately the country that I now live in have cast this time aside as of no consequence, they can only think of how horrible the English were in the “Boere war”.
    Keep remembering the those who gave all.

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