My hoodie is too big and that is a good thing!


I shan’t deny that the last few months have been quite the struggle with my weight hovering between 245 – 255 lbs. I’ve been working hard recently, walking and jogging and eating more ration book style than I had been doing and consequently my weight is on it’s way down again.

It was chilly this evening so I grabbed a hoodie I hadn’t worn in over a year and it brought a broad smile to my face on realizing this item of clothing was far too big for me now. I took a quick photo in the mirror to remember that moment…



Yes, we ( my work colleague Alicja, Jess my daughter and myself) are doing another Marathon, this time to raise money for the ‘Sheffield Children’s Hospital’.

Despite being a bit lighter in weight this time around, I am struggling because I have to knock 1.5 hours off my previous time to finish the course in 7 hours (which is the cut off point).

Most weekdays Jess and I are out hiking in the evening and climbing hills. At weekends we are walking (and jogging a bit) longer distances at a faster pace. It’s really hard work. If I was 50 lb lighter it would be so much easier! BUT it’s a great cause and really want to try and raise money for this charity so we will persevere and give it our all!

QUOTE: “The money raised through donations buys life-saving equipment, funds vital research and treatment for thousands of children from across the world and helps us create a comfortable, engaging environment for patients at The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield. We’ll never stop striving to make it better…”

If you’d like to donate some spare change through our team charity giving page we’d really be ever so grateful!

Our page is HERE

Thank you as always 🙂

C xxxx


5 thoughts on “My hoodie is too big and that is a good thing!

    • Thanks Jamie – I sooo wish I had more time on my hands to be posting recipes and more frequently on my blog at the moment but life doesn’t seem to be throwing me any spare time recently. I sometimes secretly hope for a lottery win so I can work part time and be able to devote more time to re-creating recipes and blogging about it! xxx Marathon training is a real struggle right now. But will persevere xxx


  1. You are looking wonderful, Carolyn! And I suppose it must be all the preparation for the marathon that has made the weight come off just where it should. Congratulations!


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