Home Front Memory Pack & Newspaper Giveaway


Thought it was time once again to give something fun away!

The Home Front Memory Pack contains a ration book, trading cards, household information, charts, tags, postcards, gas mask info and infact lots and lots of WW2 Home Front replica bits and pieces.

In addition I have a replica newspaper to giveaway too- take your choice of a newspaper announcing VE Day or news of the London Blitz.

All I ask you to do is leave a ‘yes please’  below and share (share tabs at bottom of post)  this post on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest (or if you don’t do these just send a friend a message who you think maybe interested)

A winner will be picked at random on Thursday (after I get back from the Women’s Institute talk in Marple)

Thanks again for visiting my blog

C xxxx




84 thoughts on “Home Front Memory Pack & Newspaper Giveaway

  1. And more entries from Facebook xx

    Suzy Courtnell Edwards id love them too xxx
    Like · Reply · 8 hours ago

    Elaine Greenwood-Hyde Yes please.
    Like · Reply · 21 minutes ago

    Colin Ovenstone Yes please !
    Like · Reply · 3 hours ago

    Ashley Lynch Yes please
    Like · Reply · 5 hours ago

    Jeanne Scaduto Belmonte Yes please
    Like · Reply · 6 hours ago · Edited

    Maria Thompson yes please….
    Like · Reply · 6 hours ago

    Laura Samantha Avery lovely sons and I are just about to embark on 1940s wartime experiment
    Like · Reply · 6 hours ago

    Jan Webb Wow, these look great!
    Like · Reply · 7 hours ago

    Shannon O’Farrell I have them all. They’re as awesome as they look!
    Like · Reply · 8 hours ago


  2. Yes please please! I’d love to be able to win this! I’m actually hoping to use a bunch of these recipes and ideas from this blog when I study abroad in Finland. Living in Europe is so much more expensive, and I need to lose the weight anyways, so winning this will just be another inspiration. 🙂


  3. Hi Carolyn!!! Wow haven’t things changed?? I love seeing how happy you are with your gorgeous hunky man!
    I too am happy…and I would live to win your great giveaway!
    I am planning my pop up 1940’s tearoom for this Summer, registering today with the Council and I will be doing the vintage fayres too!
    Big hugs! Xxx


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