Thank you so much

I just got back from holiday…the first proper one in 25 years. It truly has been the happiest time. I feel lucky and happy to have spent this time with someone I care for deeply. Hopefully I’ll share some photos with you soon.

Have started the day with porridge and toast and for lunch I’ll be making a wartime vegetable stew. I’m committed to losing another 100 lbs by continuing ‘the ration book diet’ (for want of a better word)…

The article did appear in the Daily Mail (click here – have just now seen it in the newspaper) and THANK YOU for the kind comments and support here on my blog and on my Facebook page. I couldn’t bring myself to read the comments in the on-line article as some people can be so cruel. My daughter tells me that she spent hours standing up to the bullies who left upsetting comments. LOL! I laugh but my sensitive nature just wouldn’t cope with reading them so I won’t xxx


THANK YOU to Sara who said a different article and a VIDEO appeared in the Daily Express (click here)

And another article and photos in the Daily Star (click here)

At the end of the day it was an exciting and fun opportunity to cook up some of my wartime recipes and get dressed up and I hope some people head this way and maybe take note of this simple way to feed oneself in a healthy and inexpensive manner. As you know historical cooking is my obsession…

And it’s really simple.

Eat lots of vegetables, walk a few miles every day, eat very small amounts of meat/cheese and bulk up on beans and pulses instead, and eat very little convenience food.

I’ve looked at the pictures and the videos in the articles, they did a great job but of course I see a fat lady still with over 100 lbs to lose…. I am a long way off goal but really, really want to get there.

It’s tough putting yourself out there open to criticism but I’m just ignoring the non constructive type. I believe anything is achievable if one works hard and is willing to keep getting up after falling down.

Thank you sincerely for the supportive comments and messages.

Lots of love

C xxxx



22 thoughts on “Thank you so much

  1. So glad you had a great time …and don’t worry about the trolls , your friends stood up for you!….but it was a great article, you looked fantastic and you are back on track with the ration diet…you Carry On and Show Em Girl! xx

  2. I read the first article it was great-read the other 2 great also. I know you did this for you, but look how many folks you are reaching with this simple wisdom.
    You say thank-you to us we should say THANK-YOU. This really is an answer to the problem of poor diets and over spending.
    Can I please get in line for a copy of the book?

  3. Carolyn, all I can say is WOW…. The articles are fantastic. And I feel I know you a little better now. You look amazing. And as for the “negative” comments, they really aren’t that vexacious, and they are almost without exception smothered by witty responses putting them down.

    You say you hope you can inspire others, well you have inspired me for quite some time. You have helped me to lower my percentage of body fat, you have also helped me to reduce my blood pressure, and your diet and recipes have been that inspiration.

    You may well be responsible for me living longer!!! all by your example.

    Please please please keep going, I only wish I could support you in a far more practical way.

    Thank you.

    • Thank you so much KC… I know my daughter said she got some comments removed for hate speak or something!! Saying the blog has helped you in some way is so lovely… xxxx Will keep going…am on a mission now 🙂

  4. You deserve the holiday and re the comments, some people just enjoy hurting people, which is hateful I think, stick with it hun and we will stick with you!

    • Thanks so much Tempewytch…determined this will be it and so appreciate sticking with the blog. It’s not easy losing weight- can battle for years and years- thank you xxxxx

  5. I like these articles that you posted here better than the Daily Mail one. And the commenters are much nicer too (one wit said that the pie looked tasty but didn’t know where to buy a pound of Lord Woolton 😉 ). Anyway, just wanted to give my 2 cents and say thanks for sharing the articles and creating this blog!

    Oh, and also for having links to WWII videos — I’m now officially hooked on The Supersizers and have downloaded every ep before YouTube bans them.

  6. Carolyn, you do a wonderful interview……showing a confident, knowledgeable, glowing woman! I continue to be a huge fan of you and your blog! Can’t wait for the book (which I am absolutely confident WILL happen). I’m sure your trip was wonderful….hope to hear more about it! And, by the way, you look marvelous!

    • Thank you Cynthia- that is so very kind xxxxx Trip was wonderful and I hope to perhaps add some photos and a little write up on Sunday 🙂

  7. Hang in there, Carolyn !   You’ve come this far, you can get the other weight off. Those who criticize have no life and live totally for themselves. You are by far the better person because you see your problem, acknowledge it, and the do something about it.  Good for you!!   I admire you !!   Take care.  Have fun.  And keep up with the postings…..I love them.  I really want to come visit England someday. You are in my thoughts. Ronda K Richards

  8. Look at it this way Carolyn, you didn’t have to share with the world your struggle with weight loss. Those of us that cheer you on appreciate that you did and will continue to support your efforts as we all share this common bond.
    Speaking from experience rationing works and I would not have kept it up if it wasn’t for being able to come on here and read about what you were dealing with. The kind comments that others have left you have also encouraged me.
    I look at it this way, to the ignorant trolls that would try to discredit you or bring you down, if we were to ever have to live on rations ever again….they would be the ones to not make it. They would be the ones that will cry the loudest or complain the most.
    Just keep carrying on, we’re right behind you.

  9. You look beautiful in the article! I want you to know how excited I am for you and thrilled that so much happiness is entering your life right now. You have been such an inspiration to me. My Beloved and I both want to lose a little weight and I am convinced that following a 1940s diet is one of the healthiest approaches. I have bought a couple of cookbooks from the era that have full menus planned out for me and I am ready to get started! BTW, have you read Jitterbug’s blog? She, too, lost weight with a 1940’s diet.

    Keep going! You can do this (and so can I)!

  10. I think that you look great! I’ve had some plans for awhile now to do something similar, only using the American ration system with occasional visits to other countries. Not so much for weight loss for me, although I could stand to lose a few pounds, more from a social history aspect. In these days of rampant commercialism and waste, I’m also curious about how far I can stretch food and still make meals that are nutritious, appetizing, and inexpensive. I’m also restoring a 1932 house, and trying to use repurposed materials wherever possible in the spirit of “make it work” and “use it up”, so this fits in with a bit of a stretch.

    As for the trolls – we have a saying on this side of the Big Pond – “haters gonna hate”. Pity them; they have little sympathy for others, and nothing that anyone says will change them.

  11. I love this. I have been researching the obesity epidemic and some of my findings led me to your page. It is very comforting watching you lose weight on foods t hat I am typically afraid of. I am on a low carb diet but am finding I am craving potatoes and carrots and fruit which are a no-no. I am really considering switching to the 1940’s experiment. It is also my fav era anyways.

  12. I found your blog just nosing around the Web looking for material on World War II in Britain. I’m American, but maybe being a small child during wartime has contributed to my obsession about every aspect of how ordinary people lived, ate, and remained hopeful during that hard time . What you are doing is amazing and wonderful. We would all be better off if we followed wartime ways of saving, re-using, recycling, and what some call “upcycling” (i.e. using bits and pieces to make new and beautiful things). Our planet would be better off too.
    I’m sorry you have been attacked by trolls, but they are unhappy folk so filled with poison that they spill it out wherever they can. Disregard them; you’re worth so much more than anything they can imagine.

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