A morning at the BBC


When BBC Radio Nottingham called me a couple of weeks ago to ask whether I was interested in appearing on the Mark Dennison Show, my initial reaction was a big heavy sigh… not because of having such an exciting opportunity to talk about my passion, but the fact that I was almost certain my inner demons would make me feel unsure of myself which would lead to some excuse to decline the offer.

But I’d recently been given a severe talking too by some dear Facebook friends who said I should have confidence in myself and give chances like this a go. I’d regret it if not… so I said yes, yes to popping in for a 15 minute chat on LIVE radio and then spent 2 weeks worrying..

Cabbage always calms my nerves so last night I pigged out on a double portion of Colcannon and after a 30 minute bus ride and a 20 minute walk through the city, I came across the BBC building.

The BEEB were really welcoming, very kind and hospitable. I got black tea and newspapers to read as I watched the busy news room and radio station control area and noticed the broadcasting light switching on and off. Everything went blank.

Then Jody came out, who was the broadcast assistant I think and we chatted about many things and I began to relax. I focused on the Colcannon I had eaten the night before and made a mental note to use that image to calm me down…it did.

Mark Dennison was very welcoming and within a few minutes of going into his studio the live interview began. I have to say it was REALLY, REALLY, REALLY enjoyable and great fun as my nerves began to dissolve and I just couldn’t believe I finally had the guts to do something like this.

THANK YOU BBC Radio Nottingham for making my day!

C xxxxxxxxxx

PS: You can listen to the interview by CLICKING HERE and moving forward to 2 hrs 12 minutes into the show.

PPS: I did mention the word pooh and windy but refrained from saying orgasmic, even though the Colcannon I ate last night was almost worthy of the word.

18 thoughts on “A morning at the BBC

  1. I have been reading your blog for some time and I am so glad that I listened to you on the BBC. You sounded like a professional at it. You were very informative and did not sound nervous at all. Loved it.

  2. Hi Carolyn, just listened to the interview and you came across so confident, no nerves at all detected! You really had no need to worry, the cabbage must have really worked, really enjoyed it. Thank you.

  3. Hi Carolyn
    Good for you!
    (I can not think of local radio without thinking of Alan Partridge however……..)

  4. I just caught your interview, you were brilliant – your enthusiasm came across, and you have a lovely voice (I already knew that, from your podcasts in the ACL days)

  5. Well done Carolyn! I feel I know you better after hearing your voice- as others have commented, what a lovely well modulated voice and you sounded as if you had been doing radio interviews for years 😉
    Happy to be able to access the interview here in NZ; can’t always link to UK stuff.

  6. Wow, Carolyn! You sound amazing – so articulate and confident! You speak soooo well. It was lovely to hear your actual voice after reading your blog for so long. Your readers here all know you’ve had a really difficult life recently, but the BBC listeners would never never guess that as you sound so together. When ‘Miss Grace’ came on in the middle of your interview, well, I was in tears. What an inspiration you are!

  7. Awwwwwwww thank you so very much to everyone who left a message or listened and the words of encouragement have definitely given me a little more confidence. My palms were sweaty and I used words that didn’t make sense sometimes but at least I didn’t go blank and not say anything (which was terribly worried about).

    Thank you so much…it really was enjoyable and they were so friendly, very professional. Will always remember it!

    C xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    PS Kate: I can only find one lipstick since moving over here (I must have lost my others) and it isn’t bright red. I need to get a 1940s red one so I can wear that when I fit into that dress!! xx

  8. WOW! What a great interview you gave! You were totally organized and together……but I would have expected nothing less from you! So glad to have heard your voice again.

    • Oh Paula- believe me I don’t… I have a fear in talking in front of a crowd of people. When it’s one to one with someone it isn’t so bad and that’s all I focused on (as well as the Colcannon) during the interview as it was essentially just us having a conversation- thanks xxxxx

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