Tuesday’s food diary


Had a great day food-wise..

For breakfast I was naughty, I craved sweetness so had ‘Poor Knights Fritters’ and used my ‘Summer Berry Jam’.


For lunch I had some spinach leaf and lettuce with kidney beans and a little sauted onion and mushroom over the top (fried in a little margarine and a teaspoon of marmite)


Dinner was so tasty (recipe coming tomorrow)… ‘Curried Lentils with rice’.  18 grams of protein and 18 grams of fibre just in the lentils!

This evening I drank hot tea and sucked a few peppermints as the Hobbits and I spent a few hours in middle-earth.

Oh Thorin Oakenshield, I WILL probably have inappropriate thoughts about you in my dreams tonight…

Today’s calories- about 1800

Oh and if anyone is interested in how much all this delicious food cost me today?

About £1.50…

14 thoughts on “Tuesday’s food diary

  1. I’m so glad to see you posting more Carolyn, keep up the great blogging! Your lunch looks delicious and I look forward to seeing the lentil recipe 🙂 I love red split lentil. My dinner tonight was sausage and lentil ragu with pasta – yum! Best wishes.

  2. Lovely food day, Carolyn! I am off on holiday but on my return I will need to follow a slimming plan, so if you don’t mind I shall pick your brain about how to do it.

    • Hiya- nearly always add curry powder or tumeric. I always try and incorporate something that contains curcumin in a few times a week because I am a believer in that natural healing properties of many spices and foods. The earth provides… 🙂

      • Yes me too Carolyn….turmeric, ginger, …natural pain relievers…I wonder how much they new about food for healing in the 40’s?…although the rationing diet itself is so healthy anyway…Im not sure how available some spices would have been?
        ps..that curry is on my menu today..Ive been dreaming about it all night!

      • Lots of spices would have been available pre war and anyone who had a little spare money and a foodie would have had a collection I think 🙂 The Victorians loved their exotic spices. And curry powder was pretty common in the 40’s even though not used a lot. There are two things I wouldn’t stop using because of trying to be healthy- ground flax and tumeric 🙂

        I’ll get that recipe up this morning!!!

        C xxx

  3. You are always such an inspiration! My daughter and her family, and I, are following rations at present. It’s plenty of food with a bit of planning, and very economical.
    We had lunch today in a retro cafe- they make ordinary sized food instead of sandwiches that break your jaw and muffins as big as your head. Our portions are out of control and shaming, I like your down to earth and get real approach.
    I am making soda bread and eating meaty gravy on veg. I even took a container of frozen meaty gravy on the plane with me for a long weekend with my sister!

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