Day 8 – Weigh in


A decent 5 lbs off this week taking my weight back down again to 245 lbs. I’m more than happy with that seeing as earlier on in the week I did go back for seconds and thirds (which BTW stopped me from raiding the cupboard). The first week or two is always difficult for me in that respect because I stop eating between meals..As the weeks progress, I will adjust my portion size and fill up my plate with more vegetables to ensure a steady, healthy weight loss.

Today I am popping out for the afternoon so I’d like to have something cooked and ready in the pot to be re-heated for when I return. Being prepared, I’ve learned, really helps …

Oh and here is an interesting article about rationing in the Daily Mail a friend sent me.. I’m sharing it also

Marmite on toast

Oslo meal

Vegetable and oatmeal goulash served with Kale

14 thoughts on “Day 8 – Weigh in

  1. Hmm 2 pounds ON this week – but seeing as I tend to put weight on (lots of weight!) when I have to have medication then I am not too upset with this. Hopefully it will settle down and start heading down soon!

    Breakfast – none, slept late due to pain and illness
    lunch – salad with egg
    dinner – Quorn and mushroom casserole, Jersey Royal Potatoes, green veg

    Drinks – water and black tea with milk (OH is home unwell as well so I am getting mugs of tea made!)

    • It’s really difficult with some meds. If I’m on steroids it’s a disaster. Plus if you’re in pain, you’re likely to be producing stress hormones which will inhibit weight loss (well, that’s my excuse! :)). As Churchill would have said “KBO”!

  2. If you are taking medication/steroids and are in pain and laid up you can’t even worry about losing weight. You are eating healthily, especially if you are having lots of veggies so that is going to assist your recovery. Hope you feel better soon xxxxxxxxx

  3. Woohoo! 3Ib loss for me…incredible as I honestly thought I had overdone the bread as it was so delicious! My giddy Aunt, the freedom to not feel any more food-related guilt is fabulous, thanks C x
    Ps, wow! 5Ib off?? Wonderful x

    • I know!! That’s why I jumped on the scales a few days ago as I felt I HAD to have put weight on!! I honestly pile it on my plate but always half a plate of veggies 🙂 That’s great Louise!!!!! xxxx

      • Ooh! I have to tell you all about a book I bought from amazon via e-bay for…99p + £1.99 pp….
        It’s called “The Thrifty Kitchen” wartime lessons for the modern cook. It’s sold in aid of “Independent Age” -charity helping elderly to stay independent as long as possible. It really is very good, most of the recipes, if not authentic, are at least based on wartime ones and some of the ideas are really good. It also tells you what veg is in season month by month.
        Today I had no time for breakfast so at 12 o’clock I had 2 slices of toast, marg & marmite with a little ham & sliced tomato on top.
        I made a batch of meaty gravy up so..
        Dinner will be macaroni ‘cheese’with, wait for it….meaty gravy and cabbage!
        There won’t be much cheese in it mind!
        I need to bake some bread so I shall also bake something else(not sure what yet) to make good use of the hot oven!

  4. I daren,t get on the scales yet, as i have just finished giving up smoking… yes ten weeks without a fag.. so as you can guess the weight has gone on a bit more than i wanted so will weigh myself next week lol x

  5. Day 8 over, didn’t do too badly, new recipe I found called wartime champ. Mashed potato and swede (or turnip depending on where you are apparently) cooked cabbage with tinned or bottled tomatoes (from our garden) with a smattering of cheese over the top. The flavour was fantastic.
    Had 1 pint at the local, leaves me only 3 pints for the rest of the week, going to be tough to do this. Was so used to dropping in and having a couple whenever I felt like it.
    Day 9 has started with cooking block. Not sure what to do for dinner tonight. Trawling through wartime cookbooks waiting for something to take my imagination!
    Brekkie will be porridge and lunch an oslo meal.
    Great to hear everyone’s weigh in’s were going so well. Hoping for a better result next Monday for myself.

  6. Hi there, I’m new to posting but have been following the blog for a while. Congrats everyone on your successes. I started rationing too but weigh in is tomorrow for me. I have a question however, how do you manage to not run out of rations (eg sugar) when baking? I ran out after 4 days and have had to be inventive with my oats in the morning (grated pear no one would eat). I suppose that is the point isn’t it to ration your food. Also how were oats and flour rationed? I haven’t been able to find out, what about tinned meat like (dare i say…) Spam? Any help would be appreciated.

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