Lest we forget again…

A reader left a very moving comment on my recent “Lest we forget” post a week or so ago. It was a posting he had added to Facebook. He said I could share it with you all when I asked him if that would be OK…

Here is what Paul Savage wrote…


“Today is a day to reflect on those who sacrificed themselves for our freedom.
The First World War has passed into the history books as the final Tommy passes away. We see the Chelsea Pensioners of the Second World War march across The Albert Hall accumulated years in excess of 1400.
These men all remembering those left, still young, on the fields. We watch the poppy petals fall, each a soul lost.
I remember those killed in the Falklands 30 years ago, and those left with the scars of battle, on their bodies and in their minds.
I remember those killed in recent conflicts. The Gulf, and in Afghanistan.
I remember Jonathon Ball and Tim Parry and the innocent victims of war fought on different fronts.
I remember Ste and Tom. Two of my daughter, Natalies’ best friends, killed within a month of one another in Afghanistan.
I grieve for the loss of my daughter’s innocence the night she heard they had been injured, and then died as the transient nature of life was realised.
Please remember Ste and Tom, think of their sacrifice, but, then remember their laughter, fun and life well lived.

Jonathon & Tim were young children killed by the IRA in Warrington. Tims parents were instrumental in getting the conflict in Ireland stopped.

Ste and Tom were 20 years old. One was in the Army the other a Marine. They went through school with my Daughter. I still remember vividly Natalie coming home in tears telling us the Ste had been injured. We could do nothing but hold her (Have tears in my eyes remembering this time)…..”



We must never forget soldiers and innocents are real people with real families and real children

None of them are just numbers…


C xxxxxx

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