Weekly weigh in- Feb 29

Another steady 2-lbs off this week…

For me, the good news is that since October 1, I’ve lost 51 lb on the 1940s Experiment which means I am now over half way to my goal which is to lose 100 lbs in 1 year and its only February 29. That means 7 months to lose 49 lb … I know this is doable.
Everyday I feel the benefit of carrying around less weight. Everyday…
How goes the battle?
C xxx

6 thoughts on “Weekly weigh in- Feb 29

  1. I am so dead happy for you !! Yeah I know, a bit of an oxymoron, but you know what I mean! i do read your blog every day and am so engrossed by reading that my ’60 minute quota’ time at work soon runs out – and by the time i get home the demands on time are such that I have to be out of the house within about 1.5 hours and have to make tea etc…. then am knackered when eventually I am able to do anything more than sort out school stuff and go to bed!! I am sooo interested in all of your writings and love reading the frugal and greenish one too – btw the only deodorant that i’ve found over here is called ROK and is very expensive.. I’ve been asked to coach swimming now too which is sooo exciting as it was my passion and I made a good living off it before my back operations – Would love to catch up properly, let me know if that’s poss? ….. Lots of Love, Julie xxx

  2. Over half-way there…….WOW! I check-in with you every day, and your struggles and successes inspire and encourage me in my own efforts. You are really doing it, and this is YOUR time. Enjoy every step along your path. And keep us updated about the book…….so exciting!!!!!

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